Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or

Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or

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Stromer ST5 2018
Stromer ST5 2018Stromer ST5 2018

Stromer ST5 2018

The Stromer ST5 2018.
Flawless performance down to the last detail.

The all new SYNO Sport is powerful motor with even more power at the push of a button. It also features exclusive high-performance Cycl-E tires developed with Pirelli. also, a lot more high-quality components following the principle of Perfection up to it’s last detail.

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Stromer ST5 2018

Flawless performance down to the last detail – that is the Stromer ST5 2018. What makes it so complete? Elements like the powerful motor with the Sport mode for even more power at the push of a button. The frame geometry perfectly attuned to the 27.5-inch wheels. The high-performance tires specially developed with Pirelli with uncompromising grip. The incomparable driving dynamics and luxurious ride. And of course the optimized connectivity and the discriminating design practically without cables. Waiting for the icing on the cake? Battery ejection at a touch or seamless locking and unlocking via Bluetooth – with no need for a key or PIN. Simply a pleasure. So: Ready for the perfect drive?

Key Features


  • Electronic unlocking and locking of the battery cover at a touch
  • Key no longer required

Second Screen

With the Stromer ST5 2018 you can incorporate a second screen in addition to the touchscreen that is integrated into the top tube of your Stromer: your smartphone.

  • Larger screen
  • Comfortable and secure position on the handlebar
  • Additional information

Seamless & Unlocking

You can also lock and unlock your Stromer via the Bluetooth function on your smartphone.

  • Automatic locking when you walk away from your e-bike
  • Automatic unlocking when you approach your e-bike
  • No hunting for keys
  • No PIN input
  • e-bike is always perfectly secure


SYNO Sport

One of a kind motor.

Newly developed motor with 850 watts and a torque of 48 Newton meters. New sport mode that provides even more power at the push of a button. The ST5 is the only Stromer e-bike equipped with the sport mode!

Pirelli Cycl-E

One of a kind tires.

Stromer ST5 2018 is equipped exclusively with the high-performance Cycl-E Tires develop with Pirelli.

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