Named after the Arctic Tern, a lightweight seabird with one of the longest migrations, Tern eBikes certainly live up to the name.

A folding bike company from the start, Tern entered the electric bike market with the light and foldable Vektron. From there, Tern built what is arguably one of the best cargo bikes ever made for New York City, the Tern GSD, meeting (and exceeding) the challenge of designing a compact electric cargo bike.

With the in-house capabilities to build eBikes from scratch, combined with their initiative to truly change the world for the better, Tern has essentially evolved from a “folding bike company” to a mobility company. Tern works with municipal transit authorities and cycling associations to make cycling more accessible to more people, while sustainably designing their bikes to last, instead of having to be replaced.

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As one of Tern’s first eBike dealers in the U.S., we’re proud to say we’ve been involved with the brand since the early days of the Vektron. Their dedication to creating a sustainable, safe and practical product for families and commuters alike aligns with our mission to change the way people move, and we’re excited to continue growing alongside such a forward thinking company.


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Some might wonder, should a company that was initially focused on folding bikes be making cargo bikes? Absolutely. Tern is uniquely qualified for the job because of their history with folding bicycles.

Can Tern eBikes carry cargo? Yes. And fit into a small space? Yes. Do they have some level of foldability? Yes. Can they carry kids? Yes. Are they powered by the safest and most efficient electric motor system available, Bosch eBike Systems? Yes.

Suitable for just about anywhere, but especially cities like New York where space is limited, Tern’s focus on compact size, low-step design, storage-friendliness and foldability are several factors that have made this brand stand out from the start.

Here’s a few more reasons why you might fall in love with a Tern eBike:


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From $2,499.00

The Quick Haul is a built-to-last compact e-bike that’s ready to tackle your daily grind. Think o...

From $2,999.00

The Vektron is a best-in-class electric bike that folds in 10 seconds to go on trains, in cars, a...

From $3,199.00

The Tern NBD is an easy-to-ride, ultra-low step e-bike that's comfy and welcoming—just like your ...

From $4,299.00

The HSD is the right amount of bike if you want the benefits of a cargo bike but still fancy the ...

From $4,499.00

The GSD is ready to replace your car. It’ll let you carry two kids plus groceries, or a whole lot...

We’ve compiled a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Tern eBikes. We hope you find these helpful, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more information. Just fill out this form and one of our Matchmakers will get back to you shortly.

Yes, the Tern GSD models come equipped with a second battery mount for either a 400wh or 500wh Bosch PowerPack. For models that are not dual battery compatible, but you can always purchase an extra battery and swap it out on longer rides when you need that extra charge.

Most Tern eBikes are not made for serious off-road adventures, though a ride through some hard-packed dirt shouldn’t hurt. The GSD and HSD models can usually handle gravel roads and such, but if you want something more capable off-road you might want a larger wheel.

Tern eBikes are high quality, and also relatively affordable. They cost anywhere from $2,999 to $9,299.

Tern offers a limited warranty on select components: 

Five years: frame, handlepost, and fork

One year: All Tern or BioLogic branded parts and components, except as noted below

Other: Any other parts or components are covered by the stated warranty of the original manufacturer of that part or component.

Extended 10-year warranties are offered on the frame, handlepost, and fork to first-time owners who sign up within 30 days of purchase. In addition, your bike must be assembled by an authorized Tern dealer at the time of sale, regardless of being purchased online or in a shop.

All the details of Tern’s warranty policy can be found Tern Warranty Details.

These bikes have a similar wheelbase to a full-sized bike, so these can still go on a car rack (unlike a front-loading cargo bike). Keep in mind the weight limits of your respective car rack. We usually recommend hitch mounted ones for cargo bikes

Terns weigh between 48 to 82 pounds (Terns are relatively lightweight when it comes to their cargo bike models.)

The GSD, HSD, and Quick Haul all have heavy-weight capacity rear racks and are considered eCargo bikes. The GSD rack can hold up to 220lbs, the HSD 130lbs, and the QuickHaul 110 lbs. A Yepp seat can be installed on any of these eBikes, and two can be installed on the GSD.

Adjustable components means one size fits all (unless you’re over 6 feet, five inches tall). Tern eBikes can fit a wider range of rider heights than a lot of eBike brands, a feature appreciated by those in the low five-foot range.

The GSD and HSD have low-step frames and a one-size-fits-most design that will fit riders 4’11” – 6’5” (Vektron 4’10” – 6’5”). The adjustable stem makes it easy to adjust your position to a more upright position or slightly more forward position depending on how you prefer to ride. On the QuickHaul, the handlebars have a telescopic stem so you can adjust it straight up and down depending on your height.

Another great way to learn more about Tern is through the people that already own one. Join The Tern GSD or The Tern HSD Facebook groups to find out how other riders are making the most of their Tern experience.

For more first-hand information about owning a Tern, visit the Tern forum on Electric Bike Review and the Tern Group on eBikesForum.