How to Protect your eBike

Abus Security Solutions

ABUS provides the right solution for all these tasks. From basic protection to high-tech locks to protect you against theft. Or from the first bike helmet for your child to helmets for professional cyclists. Or from the wide range of sportive, elegant and functional bike bags. Click your way through the virtual world of safety and discover your perfect product!

Folding Locks


With the BORDO, ABUS has revolutionized the bicycle lock and established an entirely new type of lock – the folding lock.

The bike locks of the BORDO family offer features that have not been provided by any other design to date. Light-weight flexibility in a compact design. These features are shared by all of the various folding locks in the extensive BORDO family. From the high security BORDO XPlus, through the classic BORDO, to the ultra-light BORDO Lite model. The variety is underlined by the numerous colours available and the different locking systems. And with the stylish carrying bag, a transport solution for the folding lock is included in the price.

From $199.99

The Abus Bordo Big Alarm 6000A 120cm Lock features the strength of a Bordo 6000 Big with the incl...

From $179.99

A new era of bike safety: the Abus Bordo Alarm 6000 90cm Lock Folding Lock not only places mechan...

Out of stock
From $259.99

5 mm steel bars, with extra soft 2-components coating to prevent damage to the bicycle's paintwor...

From $209.99

Maximum strength for maximum security: the Abus Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 85cm Lock Lock is the top...

Chain Locks


The Lock-chain combination is an excellent choice when it comes to securing your bike.

Its flexibility means the lock-chain combination is very convenient and offer many ways of locking bikes to fixed objects. A bike that is secured in this way cannot simply be picked up and carried away – which is a real security advantage.

From $109.99

The Abus Granit City 1010 Chain Lock provides reliable theft protection for high-quality bikes th...

Out of stock
From $251.99

Patented square parabolic shackle security made of hardened special steel Extra-wide shackle f...

From $199.99

The Abus Granit City XPlus 1060 Chain Lock – the original for maximum theft protection. Your bike...



The U-lock is classics when it comes to securing bikes

Solid materials and no moving parts outside the lock mechanism are an excellent starting point for the strongest resistance possible. Decades of experience with the U-lock have made us experts in combining the most resistant materials with unique technology, and consequently one of the leading U-locks manufacturers. By the way: the police and insurance companies recommend the use of an U-lock.

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From $139.99

The Abus Granit 640 U-Lock is slightly wider than its predecessor, the Futura 64, and is capable ...

From $279.99

The ABUS 770A SmartX U-Lock is the first smart lock from ABUS. World-renowned ABUS security now i...

Out of stock
From $119.99

The Abus Granit Plus 470 U-Lock offers maximum protection for your high-value bicycle, even in si...

Cafe / Frame Locks


The frame lock are basic security devices for almost any bike.

These practical frame lock is light and quick to use to protect your bike against unauthorised use. They can be connected to other accessories such as chains or cables to protect your bike even more effectively against theft. The frame locks are available either with keys that can be removed when they are open or with keys that cannot be removed.

From $64.99

The extra-large frame lock from ABUS. Reliable protection in one easy step.

Out of stock
From $49.99

Adding the CHAIN Frame Lock Chain to your ABUS frame lock is a very quick and easy way to double ...


Hexlox protects your saddle, wheels and more from theft. We offer Security Skewers, Security Wheels Nuts, Saddle Lock, Seat Post Lock, Wheel Lock, Stem Lock and Total Bike Lock.

From $15.00

Protect your saddle - seat post - wheels and more from Theft. without Key. Size varies from 4mm,...

From $15.00

The Hexlox One Single Key. Here you can add extra keys, spare keys, or order additional keys.

From $15.00

This Hexlox Universal Seat-Post Security Set can secure integrated Seat-Post Clamps and any Seat ...

From $15.00

Hexlox Security Skewers protect your wheels if they have Quick Release Skewers.

From $25.00

The Hexlox Hexnut is a high security nut! Replace your current wheel nuts with this highly secure...

From $70.00

Hexlox Universal Thru Axle It's a one size fits all solution: from Aero Road, MTB, E-Bike,...

Abus Keyed alike Locks

One Key For all your Locks

We built this tool out to make Keyed Alike Lock ordering easier. In order to process your keyed alike lock order enter the key number of your lock, this will be 6 digits for a Plus Lock or 7 for an Xplus lock (including the leading X). If you’d like to order new locks without a specified key please enter 000000 for a Plus lock and X000000 for an Xplus lock. A new key number will be assigned when the locks are built.
Your code will be on a card that came with the keys of the lock and it will look like the below.