Embark on a journey of versatility with our expansive range of e-bikes, meticulously crafted to provide a customizable spectrum of equipment tailored to your unique preferences. Whether you’re envisioning long scenic tours, daily city commutes, or thrilling off-road adventures, our collection has been thoughtfully designed to cover all bases. Explore the seamless options of comfortable hub gears and sporty derailleur gears, each version perfectly harmonized to meet and exceed your diverse cycling requirements. Your cycling experience is not just a ride; it’s a tailored adventure waiting to unfold with our meticulously designed e-bikes.

Let’s take a closer look at these unique drivetrains and their features.

Derailleur Gear

A derailleur gear offers the best degree of efficiency among all the possible types of transmission. It’s ideal for sporty riders who want to get the most out of their e-bikes.

Our selection of eBikes, offer several derailleur options includins some of the more popular Shimano Deore 10- or 11-speed or Deore XT 11- or 12-speed gear. Shimano’s Deore series has been on the market for more than three decades and is a reliable chain and derailleur setup that boasts high-quality workmanship and ease of use for electric bike riders. Their new Linkglide system is even more efficient and durable.

Hub Gears

Hub gears have grown in popularity due to their low maintenance requirements and easy operation. With a hub gear, the shifting process occurs within the hub in the middle of the rear wheel, making it a closed system that is protected from moisture, dirt, and other outside elements. Hub gears also allow for the use of a modern, lightweight, and quiet carbon belt drive instead of a metal chain.

Enviolo 380

With an Enviolo 380 hub, you can expect a super smooth ride with no clunky shifting, and you can shift from a dead stop. This hub gear is paired with a Gates carbon belt drive, offering one of the cleanest and most low-maintenance drivetrains available. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) gears are housed internally, making it arguably the most user-friendly gearing system on the market today. The Enviolo trekking hub can be shifted at a dead stop, meaning you don’t need to actively pedal or ride the bike to shift. The Enviolo automatiq is the automatic version that allows you to select the ideal pedaling rate, and the system automatically determines the right gear and shifts for you.

Shimano Alfine and Nexus

The Shimano Alfine and Nexus internally geared hubs with are reliable, low-maintenance, and perfect for riders who want to deal with gear maintenance as little as possible. The comfortable twist grip on the handlebar makes gear shifting easy.

Rohloff Speedhub

The Rohloff Speedhub is a 14-speed internally geared hub with over 520% performance, making it ideal for hilly terrain. It offers excellent efficiency, requiring little maintenance, and has a fully enclosed design that minimizes wear and tear. It offers exceptional efficiency between 95% and 98%, ensuring even the steepest climbs are conquered with ease. The hub is sealed against the elements and is popular with touring cyclists, commuters, and mountain bikers who value reliability and convenience. The Rohloff E-14 is an electronic version with precise and instantaneous gear changes via a wireless control unit mounted on the handlebars.

Questions about eBike Drivetrains?

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