To understand Benno Bikes you first have to understand its founder and CEO, Benno Baenziger.

When he co-founded Electra and created America’s most sold bicycle, the Townie, Baenziger would go to the beach path and observe people riding their bikes for hours, sketching their silhouettes. For his eponymous electric bike brand, Baenziger’s creative approach is no different. Every eBike starts out as an honest sketch.

We first met Baenziger in 2015 and instantly clicked. Well recognized and respected in the industry for his eTility concept, we’re proud of our relationship with a designer unafraid to take a different approach.

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“We’re in a pioneering stage of the electric bike industry,” Baenziger said. “It’s the most creative area in the bike business right now. There’s nothing set, there’s no rules, there’s so many things you can define. That really motivated me to jump in.”

– Benno Baenzinger


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Benno Baenziger designs as much for himself as he does his customers, by designing bikes he would want to ride. With the understanding that the only person he truly knows and understands is himself, it’s just one of the ways he comes out with an honest product: “There’s honesty in that design process,” Baenziger says.


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From $4,499.00

THE BOOST DOES MORE, SO YOU CAN DO MORE. The Benno Boost, with Etility® Design, is up for ...

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Vendor: QBP Vendor Part Name: Benno eScout Class 3 Etility Ebike - Bosch Performance Line Sport,...

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We’ve compiled a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Benno eBikes. We hope you find these helpful, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more information. Just fill out this form and one of our Matchmakers will get back to you shortly.

The Boost E10 D SPEED is the only Benno that is dual battery compatible (a second mount can be installed by a Benno dealer on the SPEED only). For models that are not dual battery compatible, or for those who don’t want to commit to having another mount installed, there is always the option of purchasing an extra battery to keep in your backpack or pannier to swap out for some extra miles.

All models come with either a 400wh or 500wh Bosch PowerPack (depending on the model), providing an average range of 45-60 miles. Want to know more about range? Check out this post.

All Benno models can be ridden on smooth, maintained dirt roads, but are not built for rough trails or any serious off-road riding. While Benno Bikes certainly have a Southern California aesthetic, they’re not meant to be ridden through sand either.

Benno frames carry a five year warranty for the original owner, the components have a one-year warranty (excluding tires, tubes and cables), and Benno branded accessories are warrantied for one year, provided they’ve been properly installed by an authorized Benno dealer. For more information or to register your eBike, Register Your Benno Bike.

Yes. All Benno eBikes can fit at least one kid in a Thule Yepp child seat.

All Benno models have the option of a Class 1 (20mph) or Class 3 (28mph) motor.

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