Gazelle Ultimate C380+

Gazelle Ultimate C380+

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  • Built in the Netherlands to the highest standards
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The Gazelle Ultimate C380+ is a masterclass in electric bike design, balancing the athleticism of an urban bike with the comfort of a tourer, driven by Bosch’s powerful Performance Line Speed motor. With an impeccably crafted frame and integrated battery, it flaunts a sleek profile without compromising handling. Coupled with the effortless Enviolo 380 trekking internal gear hub and a whisper-quiet Gates belt drive, the Gazelle Ultimate C380+ ensures a seamless riding experience, regardless of the journey.


Want an ebike that is up to any task? The Ultimate C380+ HMB will get you to work or the supermarket quickly and you will still feel like exploring new places with a leisurely bike ride on the weekend. The powerful Bosch drive system, which provides assistance of up to 28 mph, along with the flexible Enviolo gear hub and its strong and stylish frame, will bring you years of carefree enjoyment.

Criss-crossing the city, cycling past the traffic jam on your way to work, or taking a leisurely long weekend ride: The versatile Ultimate C380+ HMB is ready for it.

Ultimate C380+ HMB

The all-rounder for anytime, anywhere

Stable and rigid frame with an integrated battery

No chain, but a durable carbon belt drive

Powerful, hydraulic disc brakes

Powerful assistance up to 28 mph

Stable, tough, and sporty

A stable and rigid frame is the first requirement for a reliable ebike, and if you combine it with tough and sporty elements, the outcome is our beautiful Ultimate. The frame is available in a version with top tube or as a model that is easier to mount and dismount, without a top tube. The battery is hidden in the down tube. This not only looks modern, it also provides balanced stability, so you can cycle with confidence in

Powerful and controlled braking

If you’re cycling downhill or in busy city traffic, then you’ll want to be able to brake safely without thinking about it. Hydraulic disc brakes offer braking power and precision, so you can slow down in a controlled manner at any time — even when it’s raining.

Belt drive: quiet and low maintenance

A big plus of the Ultimate C380+ HMB is the Gates belt drive. In fact, a belt drive has several advantages over the classic chain drive. To begin with, a belt drive is very quiet and requires little maintenance. Unlike a chain, you don’t have to lubricate it and it lasts three to five times longer.

The most powerful Bosch motor

The Performance Line Speed system is Bosch’s most powerful pedal-assist system. With a torque of 85 Nm, it provides assistance of up to 28 mph. The motor is powered by the 500 Wh battery, sufficient for many care free kilometers in turbo mode. The battery is integrated into the frame design and therefore completely hidden. This lowers the center of gravity and thus improves stability.

Bosch's most powerful motor

Bosch Performance Line Speed

The Bosch Performance Line Speed has enormous power. With assistance up to 28 mph and a torque of 85 Nm, you can easily leave everyone behind. Ideal for commuting to work and for long trips. Who says that electric bikes are

Efficient, integrated power source

Bosch’s lithium-ion batteries are among the most advanced on the market. Their intelligent battery management system guarantees a long life, while the efficient energy control optimizes your bike’s range. With the integrated 500 Wh battery, you’ll always have enough range. The battery is secured in the frame with a lock. You can easily remove it from the bike with a key that also works on the café lock. Convenient, as you can charge the battery either on or off the bike.


Design meets functionality: Purion is the minimalist on-board computer for everyone wishing to have a neat look on the handlebar, be it for use in the city or the countryside. You get all important information conveniently at the touch of a button during the ride, with both hands remaining on the handlebar. Five different riding modes give you the correct support in every situation.


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