Riese & Muller Superdelite Mountain Rohloff

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Various training modes and perfect handling, with tactile pressure points on the control unit help you to continuously step up your performance. It is even possible to pair it with heart rate monitors via Bluetooth. The ultra-modern Kiox is small, robust, incorporates scratch-resistant Gorilla glass and is ready for the E-Bike future, today. Map-free navigation (only in conjunction with a smartphone) completes the features of the Kiox.
The Nyon display ensures that you are fully connected and ideally equipped with navigation for every tour or day-to-day ride. The colour display, with its intuitive touch function, is very simple to use and, thanks to being robust and easy-to-read, is guaranteed to get you to your destination in any weather. The user interface can be adapted to your individual needs and with fitness data, the Nyon literally becomes your very own personal trainer.
Folding Lock(Required)
With the 90 cm folding lock, your E-Bike can be securely fastened to virtually anything. The articulated design offers superb security and a low weight of just 1120 g. If you want to continue your journey, it can be compactly folded up and stowed in the bracket provided for this purpose.
Front Carrier(Required)
Being sporty when out and about – and yet still having everything you need with you. You can secure up to 5 kg of luggage on the front carrier, fixed to the frame and hence co-sprung, perfectly protected from knocks and bumps. Bungee cords secure a sleeping bag, small sports bag or provisions in place in no time at all. And you’ll come to appreciate your front luggage carrier just as quickly.
Keep on the move and still have everything with you. You can secure up to 5 kg of luggage on the front carrier, which is fixed to the frame and hence benefits from the bike’s full suspension, perfectly protecting your cargo from knocks and bumps. The bag offers space for a volume of up to 18 litres. Thanks to the zipper and roll closure, your transported goods are perfectly protected from dirt and rain. The bag can be removed quickly and easily and becomes a shoulder bag using the strap supplied. You can safely store smaller items in the two outer pockets equipped with waterproof zippers.
You’re not always out trying to push yourself to the limits even with our sportiest E-mountain bike. Whether for tours, biking trips or shopping in town, the carrier can be more than just convenient. The fact it fastens directly to the frame means it is very stable and enjoys the benefits of suspension thanks to Control Technology. So the excellent riding characteristics of the E-Bikes are maintained even with a full load. You can attach panniers on both sides for even more storage space. And if you want to go on a sporty ride again, you can very easily remove the carrier at any time.

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