Selecting the perfect-sized eBike is paramount for an experience that’s not just comfortable but also safe. Check the key factors below to ensure you find the ideal fit for your riding pleasure:

Standover height

This is the distance between the top tube of the bike and the ground when you’re standing over the bike with your feet flat on the ground. It’s important to choose a bike that has a standover height that is comfortable for you to step over. This will ensure that you can dismount the bike safely and easily.

Saddle height

The seat height should be adjusted to a comfortable level for you to be able to put both feet flat on the ground while seated. This will give you more stability and control when riding. It’s also essential to ensure that the saddle is at the correct height for your body, as a too-high or too-low a saddle can cause discomfort and even injury. Sometimes it makes sense to get a bike in a smaller size if you plan to use a suspension seatpost.


The reach is the distance between the saddle and the handlebars. A bike with the right reach will allow you to comfortably reach the handlebars without having to stretch too far. This will reduce strain on your back, neck, and arms and allow you to control the bike better.

Frame size

The frame size of the bike is measured in inches or centimeters and is determined by the length of the seat tube. It’s important to choose a bike with a frame size that corresponds to your height for a comfortable riding position. However, it’s important to note that frame size is not the only factor to consider, the rider’s inseam, arm, and torso length also play a role in determining the right size. As long as you are in the range of manufacturers’ recommended heights, you will rarely have an issue. Most bikes are adjustable to fit a wide variety of rider proportions with adjustable stems and such. Most cargo bikes are one-size-fits-all, due to their unique geometry.

Test ride

Once you have determined the right size eBike for you based on the above factors, it’s ideal to test ride the bike to ensure that it feels comfortable and that you can handle it safely. This will also allow you to get a sense of the bike’s handling, braking, and acceleration. We know that test riding is not practical for everyone and but you can rest assured as we have experience fitting a wide array of people on bikes and we’d be surprised to find a rider we can’t fit to a proper bike.


It’s important to note that most eBikes come with an adjustable seat, handlebar, and stem, it’s important to check the adjustability of the bike and ensure that it can be customized to fit your body and riding style. We can also further customize the bike with different parts should you desire a custom setup. Keep in mind that we try to limit our aftermarket parts to ones that are tested to be used on eBikes, they are made to handle the different stresses which might occur here. We know that these little details are what’s important for you to have a good and safe experience no matter what or how you ride.

Consider the type of eBike

The size of the eBike also depends on the type of bike you are looking for, for example, a step-through frame is more comfortable for people who have difficulty getting on and off of a traditional bike, while a folding eBike may be a good option for those who have limited storage space. Additionally, if you’re planning on using your eBike for off-road adventures, you may want to consider a bike with larger tires for better stability and traction.

Choosing the right size eBike is essential for a comfortable and safe riding experience. Take into account crucial factors like standover height, seat height, reach, frame size, and adjustability to make an informed decision. By meticulously considering these elements, you’re not just selecting an eBike; you’re choosing the perfect size tailored for an optimal and enjoyable riding experience.

Need help finding the right size? Each bike should have a size guide listed, but for a more tailored fit just reach out to our team for help.

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