Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

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Riese & Muller Roadster

Riese & Muller Roadster

The Roadster.

The Roadster’s favorite activity is chasing asphalt. And it does it so quickly that those envious glances can barely keep up. Out of the city and into the countryside with all the riding qualities and classical aesthetics of a racing bike. Here, the Roadster’s smooth-running Schwalbe tires can handle even country lanes and farm tracks. Back on the avenues and boulevards, you’ll enjoy your and the Roadster’s sporty style with true panache and get every last mph out of it. The high frame stability and optimized weight distribution ensure superlative riding stability at high speeds. An agile ride and a clear view of city traffic are guaranteed thanks to the short stem and straight handlebars. You’ll see yourself reflected in the city’s shop windows as you glide past. And you’ll smile, because you’re now seeing for yourself what we mean by E-sthetics.

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A racier frame.

With the classical and purist aesthetics of a racing bike, the Roadster darts swiftly over the asphalt. The high frame stability and optimized weight distribution ensure superlative riding stability at high speeds. It would certainly catch the eye of everyone if it weren’t for the fact it was zipping by so quickly.

The heart.

With its tremendous driving force and pedal assistance of up to 250%, you can conquer any mountain and any terrain. Depending on the model, you will be assisted up to 20 mp/h by either the Bosch Active Cruise or the Performance Cruise motor with up to 275% pedal assistance.

If you like to pick up the pace, you should be tempted by an HS model featuring the Bosch Performance Speed motor and pedal assistance up to 275% at a speed of up to 28 mp/h. Even walking, your E-Bike helps out with its pushing aid.

The standard Intuvia Display can serve as a control center with a smartphone charging function. Ultra-modern Bosch lithium ion batteries with a 500 Wh energy reserve provide the power for whichever mountain you want to conquer.

Strikingly beautiful to look at.

The mudguards, painted in the frame colors, give the Roadster an especially stylish appearance. And because the practical details are just as important as the aesthetics, we’ve integrated the back light directly into the mudguard.

Stops thieves.

Park your Roadster wherever you want. Only you can take it away. The frame lock clicks shut simultaneously with the battery lock, which means you only need one key for your E-Bike.

Carry it all with style.

The Roadster is a classic must-have. Its carrier perhaps not so much. But sometimes, you not only want to look stylish when you’re out and about, but you also want to be practical. And the bike becomes even more practical with the “snapit” system from racktime, which allows baskets, panniers and child seats to be secured to the carrier in record time. Accessories can be obtained from your dealer.

A bright future.

Always ride with excellent road illumination thanks to the LED headlamps from Busch & Muller. They are operated via the Bosch Display, while the energy is supplied via the battery.

Riese & Muller Roadster tires

Tear up the turf.

The Roadster not only has the appearance of a racing bike, but it has its sporty qualities too. With its smooth-running Schwalbe G-One tires featuring Tubeless Easy technology and 40 mm width, it offers another major advantage: you can also have that racing bike experience on country lanes and forest tracks.

Riese & Muller Roadster Models