Riese & Muller Roadster

From $4,879.00

The Roadster. Connecting A to B in style.

Just one quick push on the pedals and you're over the horizon before you know it. And the Riese & Muller Roadster does it so quickly that those envious glances can barely keep up with you. Take a ride out city and into the countryside, while enjoying all the riding qualities and aesthetics of a traditional racing bike. Riding on smooth-running Schwalbe tires, you can enjoy the Roadster's sporty style with true panache, and get every last km/h out of it. Thanks to a high level of frame stability, the short stem, and optimum weight distribution, the bike always remains extremRiese & Muller Roadsterely agile and handles perfectly. Smile--because now you can see for yourself the magic behind the Roadster's outward appearance.

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