Gazelle Medeo T9 City

Gazelle Medeo T9 City

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  • Built in the Netherlands to the highest standards
  • Easy riding with Dutch Comfort
  • Learn what it's like to ride like the Dutch

Meet the Gazelle Medeo T9 City, our active electric bike that takes you everywhere. Specced with the reliable, efficient, and quiet Bosch Active Line motor and a 400 Wh rack-mounted battery, this little dynamo is the perfect partner for city and suburban living. Where will it take you?

Introducing the Gazelle Medeo T9 City, a versatile city bike designed for urban exploration and daily commuting. Equipped with powerful hydraulic disc brakes, wide tires, and front-fork suspension, this bike offers excellent control and comfort on various road surfaces. Featuring powerful lights and high-performance fenders, the Medeo T9 City ensures visibility and protection in all weather conditions. With a reliable Bosch motor providing assistance, this bike is your reliable companion for effortless rides through the city.

  • Powerful, hydraulic disc brakes
  • Wide tires and front-fork suspension
  • Powerful lights and high-performance fenders
  • The reliable Bosch motor gives you a helping hand.

Motor: The Gazelle Medeo T9 City comes with Bosch Active Line (40 Nm) you can cycle effortlessly through traffic. The low positioning gives the bike excellent road-holding and manoeuvrability. This motor is highly suited for the city or gently hilly terrains.

Brake: The Gazelle Medeo T9 City is equipped with Shimano BR-MT200, a braking power tuned for entry-level riders and a lever reach designed for smaller hands

Display: The Gazelle Medeo T9 City comes with Bosch Purion, the minimalist on-board computer for everyone wishing to have a neat look on the handlebar, be it for use in the city or the countryside. You get all important information conveniently at the touch of a button during the ride, with both hands remaining on the handlebar.

Top Speed: This bike provides ample speed with a top speed of 20mph. If you’re looking for more speed bikes, check out our fast electric bikes.

Accessories: This bike is fitted kickstand, mudguards, lights, and carrier. Our team has a lot of experience outfitting bikes with additional accessories, so be sure to reach out to us if there’s anything you may need.

Discover the Gazelle Medeo T9 City

You want to enjoy longer adventures with the aid of pedal assistance. The Medeo T9 City HMB is an ideal first introduction to ebikes. The reliable Bosch motor turns headwind into a light breeze at your back, the sturdy MIK luggage carrier holds all your gear, and the bright lights guide you safely back home after sunset.

Accessible eMobility

With an approachable frame style, geometry, and price, the Gazelle Medeo T9 City is the perfect introduction to ebike life. For a college student, young professional, or a family on a budget, this bike offers all the usual comforts and conveniences you expect from Gazelle, but at an incredible value.

Eye-catching Utility

The Gazelle Medeo T9 City offers a sleek solution to electrifying your errands or commute. With a lean, stylish, step-through silhouette, on-trend colors, and premium Dutch style and reliability, this bike looks as great as it rides.

Lightweight Performance

Boasting the lightest weight of all of the bikes in our fleet, the Gazelle Medeo T9 City is a dynamic and delightfully maneuverable powerhouse. A mid-mounted Bosch Active Line Speed motor provides up to 40 Nm of torque and a 400 Wh rack-mounted battery gives you the range to ride all over town and back home again.

Accessories for Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB

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Chain Guard









Brake Levers


Front Hub

Rear Hub


Rear Brake

Front Brake



Front Light

Tail Light







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