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  • Credit Card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, & Discover)
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Paypal (we will email you an invoice upon request)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Financing in-store via Synchrony Bank(12 months interest-free)

We understand the importance of the right product and the right fit, and we want you to love your eBike and accessories.

To make a return, please make sure your first meet the below guidelines:

  • The bike/item(s) must be in original packaging with all components and manuals included.
  • Returns must be requested within 10 days of purchase.
    The bike/item(s) must be in new, unused condition and complete our inspection process.
  • Bikes may only be returned for store credit to be used for another bike purchase.
  • Special-order bikes are non-returnable or exchangeable.
  • Due to hygiene concerns Helmets are non-refundable. Please consult us before purchasing if you are concerned about fitment.
  • All labor and installed parts or accessories are non-refundable. Bikes that have been modified from their original condition are not eligible for return (ie. display swaps, etc).

If you meet the above criteria you can submit a request at the below form to request a return authorization.

Return shipping:
Return shipping will be the responsibility of the consumer. For your convenience Propel can email you a prepaid (by you) shipping return label and deduct the cost of shipping from your exchange. If you are returning a bike which was shipped to you we can also assist you with this, but you will be responsible for return shipping.

Inspection Process:
A store credit will be made after the bike (or accessories) is received and inspected. If the bike incurred mileage over 5 miles or has been damaged or shows signs of wear, your credit may be subject to a depreciation fee (usually around 10-15% but could be more depending on the wear and condition). We would be reselling the bike as a used bike and we need to account for the depreciated value, we always try to be as fair as possible in these matters. The inspection process can take up to 7-10 days once the bike is received. Once the entire inspection is completed and approved, your store credit will typically be processed in about 1-2 business days. Outgoing shipping will be deducted from the return. Keep in mind that we often discount or reduce the price of shipping, but we will deduct the real cost of shipping.

If my parts or accessories order hasn’t shipped yet
Canceling a parts or accessories order before dispatch is subject to a 4% cancellation fee. However, if the package has already been shipped, it can no longer be cancelled. If you intend to cancel an order, please let us know as soon as possible by
contact us.

If my bike order hasn’t shipped
Canceling a bike order before dispatch is subject to a cancellation fee. A minimum cancellation fee of 4% or $300 will be retained (whichever is greater). Certain bike orders may be subject to an additional $300 (up to $500 on Riese & Muller bikes) cancellation fee. If the bike has already been shipped, it can no longer be canceled. If the order is a custom order, it cannot be canceled as well. If you intend to cancel an order, please let us know as soon as possible by contact us.

Can I cancel my bike order with a deposit?
Propel accepts a deposit of $500 or more to reserve certain pre-ordered eBikes (excluding Riese & Muller). This amount is refundable or transferrable. If you change your mind and would like to cancel, a fee of 4% will be charged. For a deposit of $500, this fee amounts to $20.

Can I cancel a bike order that has shipped or has been built?
This would be consider a return and subject to our return policy. Please review our return policy above.

If another e-bike retailer advertises a lower price, we will match their total cost (the bike itself, shipping & handling, etc) as long as the following conditions are met prior to placing your order.

  • Some manufacturer agreements prohibit us from offering lower prices – if another company is doing so, they are violating that same agreement.
  • The product must be for an identical product – the difference between model years, or size, or modifications can significantly affect the price.
  • The company must be based in the US, and they are either offering the product in the US or are prepared to ship it
  • They must have the product in stock (i.e. ready to ship or be picked up).
  • The lower price must be publicly advertised so that we can look it up.

Shipping / Pick-Up

Oftentimes manufacturers restrict dealers to selling and delivering eBikes within a specified radius of their physical location. Provided this is not the case with the eBike you choose, then yes, we are able to ship it anywhere in the contiguous United States, meaning to all the lower 48 states, excluding the following states and territories: Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands

We do not ship eBikes outside of the U.S. because we can’t predict how customs will treat the shipment. You should also be aware that the eBikes we sell have motor systems specified for the U.S., so you may have difficulty getting the eBike serviced abroad. If you still want to place your order, we recommend working with a freight forwarder in the U.S. You can have the eBike delivered to the freight forwarder’s U.S. address and make arrangements with them for delivery to your country. Propel does not work with or have a recommendation for any particular freight forwarder.

While the actual cost of shipping varies greatly depending on the distance and method, we keep our shipping charges simple. For standard sized eBikes we have a free shipping option, but that’s usually only recommended for those that are handy as it can take a lot more effort to get the bike setup. Our next option is to ship your eBike in a box 90% assembled, we charge $250 (you’ll have to adjust the handlebars into position and put on the pedals yourself). In some regions we have an option for your eBike to arrive 100% assembled (no boxes), we charge $350. All eCargo bikes will ship 100% assembled which range in price depending on your location and the type of bike; we charge more for front loader eCargo bikes and eBikes with large racks on the rear (we can usually save you money if you install the rear rack yourself). If you’re not local, the fee is $500. If you’re local and we can use our own van for delivery, we ship the eCargo bikes for $300 and $200 for standard eBikes. If you have questions about shipping or if you’d like something more tailored to your needs just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to asssit.

If you have already purchased your eBike, you can check the status of your order through your Propel account or you can ask your Matchmaker. If you’re considering an eBike and wondering about the lead time, please contact us to receive an estimate for availability and delivery.

When you place an order for an eBike that’s in stock, the eBike is entered into our “build queue.” We will assemble it when it reaches the top of the queue. After that, we will quality and safety check it before we ship it or have it ready for you to pick up. Please keep in mind, the time it takes for your order to move through our fulfillment process can vary depending on the number of eBikes in our build queue.

Yes, you will receive a call from the carrier prior to the delivery. They are required to make an appointment for the delivery and will set a specific time and date with you. If you are not available at the scheduled time, you can call the carrier to reschedule. It’s important to be present for the delivery, as the carrier will need someone to sign for the package.

If you are not present to receive the delivery at the scheduled time with the Carrier, there will be a $100 fee for re-delivery. Please make sure to be available at the agreed-upon appointment time to avoid this charge or simply reschedule in advance.

We offer several options:

Option #1: Pick up the eBike from our Brooklyn, Delaware or Long Beach location (free!)

Option #2: Have the eBike delivered to you 90% assembled

(You can see exactly what assembly is required in the question below. Rest assured, in both cases it’s very simple.)

Option #3: Have the eBike delivered to you 100% Assembled (This is the only choice for shipping cargo eBikes.)

See above for the shipping fees.

90% Assembled: This shipping method costs $200 in the contiguous U.S. and is our premium shipping option for distant customers. We ship the eBike in a large, custom made box and the closest to being ready to ride this shipping method will allow.

You’ll just need to perform two main tasks when you receive the eBike:

  • Handlebars: We turn the handlebars sideways to fit the eBike into the box. You’ll need to rotate them to their rideable position and tighten the stem bolts.
  • Pedals: Before installing your pedals, remember there is a left and a right side. The left pedal is reverse threaded, meaning you’ll need to turn it to the left to tighten it instead of to the right. If you need help, check out this video. Tools required: 4, 5, 6mm Allen Key, 15mm Wrench.

Note: This should be all you need to do for most builds, but there may be some special circumstances where you need the help of a technician. Our technicians are available to support when you need it, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Cargo eBike Shipping (100% Assembled): For a flat rate of $300, we offer special shipping for cargo eBikes to ensure the safe arrival of your order. When possible, we contract with private carriers to wrap and hand deliver the eBike or, we’ll wrap the eBike and strap it on a custom-built pallet where the eBike will be delivered by freight.

If you have any questions about this shipping method, please feel free to reach out.

Local/Fully Assembled: For customers located nearby one of our shops, we do our best to deliver the eBike to you in person. Depending on your availability and where you’re located, we’ll either work with a contractor to deliver the eBike fully assembled, or we’ll deliver it ourselves for a flat rate or a driving charge by-the-minute depending on how far away from the shop you’re located.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our eBike shipping options, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Although we would love to assist all of our customers with the purchase of a Reise & Müller eBike, our dealer agreement prohibits us from shipping eBikes where there is a dealer within 100 miles of the customer. Customers are allowed to pick up eBikes from our store no matter where they are, but we are unable to ship it if they are within 100 miles of another dealer. To find the dealer nearest you, we recommend visiting the Riese & Müller dealer locator See additional R&M dealers

Support After Purchase

Our bikes have been carefully selected for reliability, especially the electrical components, and have two-year warranties (that are rarely needed). The maintenance required will be no different from that of a regular bike, so your local bike shop (including us if you’re nearby) will be amply equipped to handle it. If you ever have an electrical issue – a big if – and you don’t live nearby, we will still make sure it gets resolved.

Whether you’re local to one of our locations, or you live far away, we will provide support to you for anything you purchase from us. Send us the details and we will get started on a solution right away.

Our support for customers that don’t live near us:
In the unlikely event that there is an issue with your e-bike that did not present itself when we tested it, there is a good chance it will show up within the first few months of use. For these situations we can help you to file a warranty remotely, and frequently will require cooperating with a local 3rd party (for which we have plenty of experience coordinating).

For remote warranties, parts are covered, but shipping and labor is not covered, so in most cases you will have to pay a labor charge to the local shop performing the work, but the parts would be covered. We are currently working on establishing better terms with our vendors so that we can begin to cover labor for warranty repairs processed remotely, but at the moment only parts are covered for those customers. Keep in mind when claiming a warranty that not all manufacturers provide a 2 year warranty, but that is what Bosch covers and that is the standard that we strive to push our manufacturers to live up to.

Apart from warranty services, the maintenance on your bike can be easily carried out by any local eBike shops. The Trek branded stores have a great reputation for service, and work closely with the brands and components we sell, such as the Bosch motor systems and Gates belt drive systems. Our remote support technicians are available by phone, email and video call if you ever need an opinion directly from one of our mechanics, and sometimes we can even help you resolve the issue yourself without the hassle of taking the bike into a nearby shop. Whatever you may need help with, just reach out and we’ll do our best to help. Not everything can be resolved remotely, but we do have extensive experience supporting our remote customers online and over the phone and will be happy to help.

Our support for customers who live nearby:
Please schedule your bike within the first month for your complimentary initial checkup. This gives us a chance to make sure things are tight and within the range of good adjustment and confirm that the bike is performing as expected. This complimentary service must be collected at 100 miles of use for a cargo bike, and 200 miles of use for a non-cargo bike. Of course, we will be flexible with you if you are just a hair over the mileage threshold, but you must collect the complimentary initial service as soon as possible within the defined mileage (100 miles for cargo bike, 200 miles for non-cargo bike) and time threshold (1 month +/- after purchase).

Many of our brands, including the Bosch motor systems, carry a 2 year warranty, but some manufacturers carry only a 1 year warranty, so make sure to check before considering a claim. Inevitably, there are some warranty cases that are rejected by the manufacturer and in those cases, we do our best to advocate on behalf of the customer.

For anything not covered by the warranty, we are always available to give you a no-cost, no-obligation estimate of any work orders your bike may be due for, and many things we can take care of very quickly, over the phone or email to save you a trip and some cost. Please reach out to us before bringing your e-bike in.

We do accept walk-in appointments for flat tire fixes, but even in those cases, it helps to give a quick call or email before you make your way to the store so we can prepare by allocating any necessary parts and managing our mechanics time and workload.

E-Bike Legality

We only sell pedal-assist e-bikes, in part because they are treated as legal everywhere in the US (based on our experience to date), even in places where they technically are not. In our home base, for example, New York City pedal-assist bikes are considered legal, and throttle e-bikes will be targeted by the police. European authorities have made the same distinction, and this seems to be the direction US legislators & regulators are moving at the federal, state, and local levels. While you should do your own research about your local legislation, pedal-assist bikes are the most widely accepted electric bikes and you can usually ride them anywhere you can a traditional bike.

People for Bikes has put together a great guide worth checking out if you want to learn more.

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