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Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or

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Kalkhoff Endeavour
Kalkhoff EndeavourKalkhoff Endeavour

Kalkhoff Endeavour

The Kalkhoff Endeavor.
Integration for all

The Kalkhoff Endeavour product range represents integration for everyone. Three equipment packages, three frame designs, three drive options and up to three colors per model mean that the range caters to almost all possible requirements.

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The Kalkhoff Endeavour

Integration is the e-bike hot topic. The new Endeavour range takes up the Integrale baton and extends the playing fields in so many respects. For example, the new frame platform also includes a perfectly sculpted Wave variant whose battery is also fully integrated into the frame. The choice of three drive systems is also new, as are the three equipment option variants. Two to three color options per equipment level maximise the possibilities for individual customisation: “My Bike” no longer works.

Kalkhoff Endeavor Motor


With a maximum torque of 75 Nm, the Performance Line CX is the ideal drive for ambitious and demanding eBikers. In eMTB mode, you always receive the required power – from Tour to Turbo. Up to 300% of perfectly delivered support, incredible dynamism and unique grip provide the best possible support on all terrains, as well as improved start-up behaviour. The progressive motor support automatically adapts to the individual’s riding style, so there is no need to change support modes in eMTB mode.

Herrmans Lighting System

Superb Lighting.

Herrmans H-Black MR8 has a clean overall modern design with cooling elements blending effortlessly into the main form. Long and even light pattern with excellent near-field illumination without dark spots. Side windows provide additional peripheral lighting and enhance the airy look. Strong light output, with preliminary figures up to 180 lumens. Designed to be mounted on the fork or handlebars. With the Multi-joint bracket, the wires can be run cleanly.

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