Meet Simon, a 29-year-old pilot based in Zurich, Switzerland, originally from Germany. Simon’s journey from aspiring pilot to navigating the skies for Switzerland’s largest airline company has been accompanied by an unconventional choice for his daily commute – the Riese & Muller Load, an electric cargo bike. When Simon first arrived in Switzerland for pilot training, he was on the lookout for a convenient and sustainable way to navigate his daily commute.

“I was looking for something I could commute with, with my bag and luggage. It turned out that this is the perfect way for me to commute without having to use my car”, recalls Simon.

One of the perks of flying for Switzerland’s largest airline is the ample parking space available at the airport. The company supports alternative commuting options by funding parking spots for motorcycles and bikes. Simon can easily park his bike alongside motorcycles, ensuring a safe and hassle-free time.

“The Riese and Muller Load offers a lot of opportunities to me in regard to how I can use my bike as a replacement for the car. It’s great for when I’m on my way home and I know the fridge is completely empty. I can just go to the grocery store and buy all the things that I need without having to think about whether it’s all going to fit in my bike trunk,” explains Simon.

On weekends, Simon takes full advantage of the cargo bike’s capabilities, heading to the River Rhine for barbecues and relaxation. The space in the trunk of the cargo bike allows him to pack up everything he needs for a weekend get away. Equipped with a blanket and some pillows, he enjoys the scenic beauty until the evening chill sets in.

Switzerland’s commitment to cycling infrastructure impressed Simon. Approximately one in four eBikes in the country are high-speed, capable of reaching speeds up to 45 kph (28 mph). Simon appreciates the efficiency of high-speed bikes, making them less of an obstacle in traffic. He noted the country’s ongoing investments in cycling infrastructure, recognizing the positive impact it has on encouraging more people to adopt cycling as a means of transportation.

When asked why he choses to ride an ebike over a regular bicycle, he explains, “Since I’ve gotten my ebike, I don’t ride less, but I ride a lot more because it works for me as a car replacement. Since I have gotten my ebikes, I feel a lot healthier and I exercise more. It’s obviously not the same kind of exercise that you have when you ride a normal road bike but it’s a little bit that helps quite a lot when you do it every day.”

Simon encourages others to consider making the switch to bikes or eBikes for their daily commutes. He emphasizes the dual benefits of staying active while accomplishing necessary tasks.

“I think for people who want to be healthier, who want to work out more, it’s an easy thing just to switch. To use a bike or an ebike to do some of your commute or some of your transportation and everyday mobility. You’ll be doing exercise while you are doing something you have to be doing anyway, which is getting from A to B. I think this is something that many people could benefit from in the United States as well”, he remarks.

In a world where every journey counts, Simon’s story serves as an inspiration for those seeking a healthier and more eco-friendly way to navigate the daily grind. Whether cruising through Zurich or soaring through the skies, Simon has found the perfect life balance.

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