In the town of Darmstadt, Germany, Catrin has embraced a unique mode of transportation for her daily commute — the electric cargo bike. Her choice of bike is the Riese & Muller Load 60. Catrin’s daily commute is a picturesque journey, spanning fifteen kilometers (around 9 miles) each way, with a significant portion winding through forested areas on Germany’s dedicated bike trails. Her commute lasts around 40 minutes each way as she pedals her way through the serene backdrop.

While it may seem longer than a car journey, Catrin values the time spent on her electric cargo bike. “Some people say, ‘Isn’t it a waste of time?’ But I don’t think so because I enjoy my ride. I arrive fresh at the company, and my mind is ready for work”, She explains.

The experience offers a unique perspective, allowing her to appreciate the surroundings, from the chirping birds to the fragrant flowers that she wouldn’t notice in a car.

Catrin became a part of Riese & Muller in December of 2017. The company provides its employees with diverse options to access their electric bikes, and many take advantage of it. Despite the continuous growth of the company, Catrin values the close-knit atmosphere that actively cultivates a strong sense of community among its members.

Catrin’s commitment to year-round commuting is inspiring. She shares, “If it’s cold, I wear the right clothes and gloves and put my ski helmet on sometimes. So maybe it’s not really stylish, but it works out.” Her approach to biking all year round shows how as long as you dress correctly, your ride can still be enjoyable even when the weather might not be in your favor.

Along with riding through the colder weather, she also has no problem riding home in the dark either. With bright headlights on her bike and a feeling of security provided by the reliability and size of the Riese & Muller Load, she confidently navigates the streets and forests after dark. She credits her ebike as well as the good infrastructure in Darmstadt for her choice of biking, contrasting it with potential traffic jams faced by car commuters around the area.

Catrin is passionate about the positive impact of alternative transportation on the environment. She believes that eBikes, regular bikes, and public transport are excellent choices that contribute to reducing pollution. Encouraging others to consider such alternatives, she emphasizes the collective impact of small changes integrated into daily life. She adds, “If everyone is just doing small things that they can easily integrate into their lives, then it will be really good for the overall carbon footprint.”

Catrin’s story challenges preconceptions about bike commuting, showcasing that it is not merely a means of transportation but a lifestyle choice that brings joy and that the journey can be just as important as the destination. Her experiences inspire us to consider alternative modes of transportation, fostering a more sustainable and connected future. As we navigate our paths, perhaps it’s time to embrace the pedals and ride towards a greener and more connected future.

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