Gazelle Medeo T9

Gazelle Medeo T9

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  • Built in the Netherlands to the highest standards
  • Easy riding with Dutch Comfort
  • Learn what it's like to ride like the Dutch

The Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB is a ticket to renewed passion for cycling, pairing the thrill of open roads with the effortless power of an electric motor. This e-bike conquers any terrain, thanks to the combination of high-quality components and easy riding design, turning every ride into a childhood dream come true. Its dynamic capabilities are powered by the Bosch Active Line Plus 3, a quiet, compact yet potent motor that’s flawlessly integrated into the frame.

The Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB is the ideal companion to feel the wind in your face and forget about the past while falling in love with bikes all over again. Experience the freedom of a country road and let the powerful motor conquer your worries along with any terrain you may encounter. The combination of high-quality components and comfortable in the ideal package to make your childhood dreams come true. and easy to ride electric bike result.

You like going out for long bike rides. You love comfort but you are also price-conscious. Your sporty style demands a powerful motor and you need something to satisfy your eye for detail. That’s why the Medeo T9 HMB is perfect for you. The frame is stable and solid, and fully loaded, from the MIK carrier to the integrated lighting.

  • 9-speed derailleur
  • Wide tires and front-fork suspension
  • Powerful, hydraulic disc brakes
  • Every ride is a breeze with the powerful, mid-drive motor

Discover the Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB

Braking bliss

Responsive Shimano BL-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes deliver smooth stopping power and confidence for every ride.

Dynamic options

Available in both high and low-step options with different battery configurations, choose the style that suits you best.

Smooth sailing

A Suntour suspension front fork offering 50 mm of travel, combined with wide Schwalbe Big Apple tires provide extra comfort.

Bosch Active Line Plus (50Nm)

The Bosch Active Line Plus gives natural and silent assistance. With a torque of 50 Nm you can handle practically any terrain. Whether flat or hilly, with this motor you arrive comfortably at your destination.

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