Dear eBike enthusiast,

I’m excited to announce that what you’re reading is Propel’s first blog post. Today, we’re officially launching Move Different, where you’ll be able to find helpful and informative content on all things electric bikes.

Why are we doing this? Going back to the beginning, I started Propel in 2011 when electric bikes were this new thing that I didn’t know much about, that none of my peers knew much about, but I felt it was something good, not just for the individual but potentially on a larger scale.

A decade later Propel has grown into something tremendous. We’re getting more people on eBikes than ever before, and we’ve developed our YouTube channel as a place people can go to get inspired, to connect with us and the community, to learn, grow and make the most of their eBike experience.

That’s where Move Different, our brand new blog, comes into play. In addition to keeping prospective and current eBike riders informed via video, the spirit of Move Different is similar, it’s just in written form.

Move Different is a continuation of our mission to help people make better decisions about eBikes and transportation (whether Propel is part of that or not), to create a place where people can participate in a growing community, and to inspire more people to ride bikes.

Making videos can be quite a production, but through the written word, we recognize we can put even more helpful information out into the world, and we can include more voices.

Here on the Move Different blog you’ll find:

Informational, inspiring stories
Answers to common questions
Helpful tips and considerations
Guest posts (Interested in writing something for the blog? Fill out the form here).
Electric bike resources
News and updates from Propel, the brands we carry, and the eBike community

At Propel, my team and I believe that communities are happier and healthier when people feel empowered to commute by bike. The spirit of this company is to help more people have good experiences doing so, and I’m excited to launch Move Different as another way to achieve this goal.

Let’s move different, together.


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