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Tern Vektron – Bosch Powered Folding Ebike

This is the bike we’ve been waiting for! The Tern Vektron! It’s quite challenging to make a proper folding bike, let alone a folding ebike. We’ve tested all that the market has to offer and have been often left wanting. That is, however, until now. A leader in the folding bike space Tern, partnered with […]

Moustache Introduces a Tandem e-MTB for 2017

Introducing the first production Bosch powered Tandem E-MTB produced by French electric bike brand Moustache. We’re very excited to help introduce this bike to the US. Based on their tried and true Samedi platform, introducing the Samedi 27×2 or Saturday 27×2 for us English speaking folks. I don’t know about you, but this is very […]