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Congrats! Your test ride appointment is officially booked. We’re so excited you’re giving us the opportunity to match you with the perfect eBike, but first, let’s make sure you’re prepared so we can offer you the best experience possible.

Check out our FAQ Test Ride Questions Below, and if you have any questions, please feel free to Reach Out!

If you need to reschedule, or can’t make your appointment for any reason, please let us know as far in advance as possible by Getting In Touch. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you!

Before every test ride, we require all riders to sign a waiver and to provide a copy of their government issued ID. In an effort to save time and ensure you’re given the best 1-hour test ride experience possible, we highly recommend signing the waiver and providing an image of your ID beforehand.

You can sign the form digitally now and upload an image of your ID (recommended) or you can sign the form at the time of your appointment and bring a copy of your ID  with you.

Test Ride FAQs

How To Get To Our New York Store


We’re located right on the Brooklyn Greenway (14-mile bike path) with the Williamsburg Bridge to the east and the Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges to the west. It’s only right that it be easy to get to us by bike.

Several buses stop right outside or within a few blocks: B57, B69, B54, and B62. There are also many subways within a 15 – 20 min. walking distance: GACBQRF234, and 5. Given the frequent service work and delays, we recommend using Google Maps to find your best public transit directions.


We’re only a block away from the BQE, located between the Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges to the west, and the Williamsburg bridge to the east. Parking right outside or around the corner is hit or miss, although there are usually spots available nearby beneath the BQE.

We’re very proud that people sometimes fly to us since we have the largest selection of high-quality e-bikes available for test rides in the US. It typically takes 20 – 40 min. to drive from LaGuardia Airport, and 30 min. – 1 hr. to drive from Newark or JFK.


How To Get To Our California Store

We’re located in the heart of Long Beach in the city’s historic Zaferia district. If you’re looking for things to do before or after your appointment, make sure to check out this handy directory of the wide array of businesses nearby.


If you’re headed from the north or south, we recommend using the bike lane on Obispo Avenue. Anaheim Street can also be crossed safely at the traffic lights on Obispo Avenue or Temple Avenue, you can then use 14th Street to ride to the showroom. (We do not recommend riding your bike on Anaheim Street.)

Several buses stop right outside or within a few blocks. There’s also a Blue Line Metro train station just a couple miles away. We recommend using Google Maps to find your best public transit directions.

We’re located just off Anaheim Street on Orizaba Avenue. Parking is available right in front, as well as around Orizaba Park down the street. When parking, please be mindful of street sweeping hours.


We’re a 10 minute drive from Long Beach Airport, and it takes about 30 min to an hour to drive from LAX, Ontario or John Wayne Airport.


How to get to our Delaware location



We’re located just off Maryland Avenue on Germay Dr (look for the warehouse on your right). There’s plenty of parking available on the grounds.

If you’re headed to us by train, we’re only about a mile from the Wilmington Amtrak station. We recommend using Google Maps to find your best public transit directions.

During your test ride, you can leave your bike securely in the shop.

Generally, our test ride routes range between _ to _ miles, and last about ___. But we’re happy to make accommodations along the way. We can make as many stops as you need, or, depending on your level of comfort on the road, we can walk the eBike to the park nearby to test it out there.

Yes, both our Brooklyn and Long Beach routes take you on roads with protected bike lanes, so you’ll never have to ride in traffic. However, if you’re not comfortable taking these routes, we also offer alternative options that include nearby parks and green spaces.

If you don’t have a helmet, we’re happy to provide one. The Sena [link to product page] is our preferred helmet for test rides because of its Bluetooth capabilities (and it looks cool, too).

It’s always a good idea to bring your own water bottle, and a small snack you can easily carry in your pocket or on the eBike.

Driver’s license, credit card, signed waiver

While helmet laws vary, to ensure your safety we do require that you wear a helmet during our test ride. 

However, just so you’re informed, below are the helmet requirements for California and New York.

In California, if you’re 18 or older you don’t have to wear a helmet on a Class 1 or Class 2 eBike, however, you must wear a helmet while riding a Class 3 eBike. 

In New York, riders ages 16-18 must wear a helmet while riding a Class 1 or Class 2 eBike, and helmets are required for anyone riding a Class 3 eBike.

During the pandemic, we require all customers (and staff) to wear a mask at all times.

It’s also important to wear closed-toed shoes. We recommend wearing clothes you feel comfortable exercising in, but the nice thing about eBikes is normal clothes are commonly used.

Of course all are welcome! We especially encourage bringing your kids if you’re looking to test out some cargo bikes and what’s better than going for a ride with a friend. You can bring them even if they’re not interested in buying an eBike. We’ll make sure it’s fun for everyone! 

We may not have every eBike you want to test ride, but we can make accommodations using similar models so you can still get a feel for the eBike you have in mind. Don’t worry, whichever eBike you ride, we’ll make sure it’s a valuable experience.

We do have some eBikes available for immediate purchase, but many bikes will require building and testing before we hand them over. We also offer many delivery options so we can get you your bike safely and we can ensure that it goes through our build and QA process. Many of our bikes are built to order and we will be happy to clue you in on that process some more while you’re in the shop.

Absolutely, please schedule a service appointment here at least 5 days before your test ride.