Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

Proudly located in Brooklyn! Changing the way we move since 2011

What they’re saying about us

  • Amazing Service will give 5+++++ Hi everyone! I moved to Brooklyn and was recommended from a friend to get service and buy a electrical bike! When i stop by i meet 2 brothers who own the store. They name Kyle and Crist. They are wonderful and honest! I would say best service! Would ubsolutely recommend!!!!

  • Last year I knew it was time to make a change. My wife has been worried that Im turning into an old man, you know, golf, beer, and….GOLF. My job was only 3 miles down the road and a new bike path was being built that would take me almost the entire route. One day by chance, while shopping, I came across an electric bike parked in front of the store we were at..THATS IT! What a better way to plan my new lifestyle. Do to a slight shifted knee, I never could get into long run biking, I did have a road bike I hardly used. I shopped around and compared for about 4 weeks and was warned by my wife “Don’t regret your purchase”..ready to pull the trigger on another bike, I decided to check online and came across Chris. A better bike , better price, and a better experience. My bike was here that week, Once we started riding and hitting rather steep grades, my wife Mary would now fall back on our rides. she joked she could hear my motor on the way up. Come Christmas, I called Chris and he was happy to send out a new Jet that would fit my wifes 5.2 height. I have over 1200 miles and now ride 6 miles each way daily to my new location…I know a lot of bicyclest that still question my “electric” Jumper, but I know. their thinking this may THE way to ride as we get older…not that an eBike is only for us….Young riders are amazed when we meet up at a light after playing catch up with me… Thanks Chris. By the way, I post some and record all my rides. Stay safe everyone

    Marty M.
  • On Saturday, my spouse and I had a bike emergency in Brooklyn, far from our Hoboken home. By chance we went to Propel, and met Chris. He was awasome! He solved our problem in minutes, saving our Saturday! It was clear that his focus was to ensure we had a great experience. We used the opportunity to talk about electric bikes and equipment and felt the same friendly & knolegeble approach. I could just say that Chris’s customer service is great, but it is much more than that. We did not feel ‘customers’ we felt we were dealing with a friend that was extremely knowledgeable about electric bikes and equipment, trying to find the best option to address our needs. Chris you became our ‘go to’ place for all our needs regarding electric bikes. Thanks again.

  • I purchased a German Kalkhoff eBike when I lived in Stuttgart. It was perfect for my daily commute of about 10 kilometers. If you’ve never ridden an eBike, by all means, go test one. Mine’s one of the pedal-assist types — it doesn’t have a motorcycle-like throttle, instead the rider pedals and the electronics determine how hard you’re working and provide some motor assistance based on the level of assist you’ve pre-set. Pedal-assist eBikes flatten the hills. They don’t remove the pedaling requirement, they just make it so much more enjoyable. It has become my transportation of choice. I’ve purchased panniers and these make it perfect for grocery runs. Look, I’m a 60 year old who hadn’t been on a bike in 30 years, and this eBike has become one of the best things in my life. It gets me some exercise, gets me out in the fresh air, and it’s just plain fun. Who doesn’t need a little more fun in their lives? And I’ve dropped 20 pounds since I started riding — while having the time of my life. When I repatriated from Deutschland back to the states, I needed to replace my European 220 volt charger with a US-spec 110 volt charger. I was worried the best thing in my life was going to have to go away if I couldn’t find a replacement for that battery charger. I pinged Chris about possibly finding a 110v charger for a Kalkhoff and Chris had it shipped to my address in Alexandria, VA 3 days later. Simply amazing service. The email conversations I had with him demonstrated how customer-focused he is. If you’re thinking about an eBike, think Propel first. First-rate service that’s so rare these days. Absolutely great. And Chris, if you read this, thank you very much again!

  • I recently purchased an electric bike from Propel. I bought the top of the line Focus 28″ bike with a belt drive and 11 speeds. For 6 months prior to my purchase I did my research and called Chris numerous times with my endless questions. Well the day came to purchase my bike. I travelled from the east end of Long Island to Brooklyn to meet with Chris and his brother Kyle. A 2 hour drive each way. Well I met both Chris and Kyle and spent 2 hours discussing modifications I wanted done. Kyle and I discussed every possible choice. His knowledge of the bike is excellent. Needless to say I ordered the bike and Kyle delivered it to me on Long Island. He and his brother also thru in many items at no cost to me. The bike is wonderful and the customer service from the staff far exceeded anything I’ve experienced in my 60 years. Chris and Kyle do not try to pressure you or sell you items you really don’t need. It was definitely worth the 2 hour trip. I highly recommend this company and look forward to dealing with them in the future. I give them 5 stars!!!

    Jeff G.
  • From the time I called Propel Bikes and spoke with Victoria I felt that I had found a winner. Victoria answered all of my questions, not only with courtesy but as though I was a long time valued customer. I told her what bike I was interested in seeing and when I arrived at the store later on that day it was ready for me to take a test ride. After seeing the bike I decided it was too big for me. I looked at other bikes and Victoria got Reland to show me a particular bike that had caught my eye. He brought it out to the middle and I got a good look. (more…)

    Stella T.Jamaica, NY