Riese & Muller Tinker


The Tinker. An E-Bike of stature.

The city is packed with challenges: commuter hold-ups on the streets, full buses and trains, sometimes heavy luggage—and all of this even before the sun comes up. But don’t panic. The solution has a name: Tinker. With this compact E-Bike featuring 20” wheels, you can effortlessly glide past all of this with a broad smile. Its frame is so cleverly designed that you can quickly carry it up a few steps or store it in the boot of your car. Even in a full bike store, there is always space for the Tinker. Just as the Tinker is accessible in everyday life, it is also accessible to any rider: tall, small, man or woman, the bike can be perfectly adjusted for everyone in a few easy steps. And with the Tinker, you don't have to forego speed either: the HS version offers assistance up to 28 mph. The daily commute has never been so fast.

Riese & Muller Tinker Collection