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Riese & Muller New Charger

Riese & Muller New Charger

The New Charger.
For the work route. For the weekend. For the eyes

The New Charger wants to get out. You can climb mountains with ease, measure your strength with the wind, make your way to work an experience. And it wants to be seen. The integrated Bosch Power Tube rechargeable battery lets the Charger’s typical, yet new, stand-alone design come into its own and your colleagues throw a long-lasting look out of their cars. So the New Charger brings so much fun into the everyday life, that you will surely also want to insert an Extra tour on the weekend. And for that, the New Charger is, of course, well-equipped with its versatile equipment and high-quality components.

Model Selection


Force coming from the inside.

The highlight of the New Charger is its innovative Bosch PowerTube battery, which is completely integrated into the lower tube. It can be removed with a handle or can be loaded directly on the bike. To remove the battery, the lower tube has a plastic cover so that the tube is hermetically sealed during driving and its inner life is protected from moisture and stone impact.

Double range. Double well.

Riese & Muller doubles the range of its e-bikes with the DualBattery technology. In addition to the fully integrated Bosch PowerTube battery, a standard battery is placed on the lower tube. This increases the capacity to an incredible 1,000 Wh and brings Riese & Muller to the front in the field of reach. The rechargeable batteries are so well integrated in the cream border that the additional weight has no noticeable effect on the driving behavior. So you do not only come twice on long trips, but also do not have to worry about your range in everyday life.

Everything in the frame.

With the New Charger models every detail is highly functional. Also the design. Because the trains run hidden in the frame. Thus, the high-quality processed frame comes into its own and all important technical elements are well protected.

Delights not only the legs, but also the eye.

Within the scope of the New Charger everything is included: exclusive design with a characteristic form language, highest engineering skills and – the battery. At first glance, not recognizable because it fits perfectly into the overall picture, the fully integrated Bosch PowerTube brings just as much power as external batteries. The color concept of the frame emphasizes the sportiness with sharp dividing lines and makes the New Charger look fast and agile.

So beautiful can be practical.

The New Charger strives for something higher – this is even apparent from the chain strut. In addition to a sporty look, it brings clear advantages. In the variant with a conventional chain, it prevents the metal of the frame from being hit. The upper bearing of the chain strut also makes it possible to equip it with a carbon belt drive which is easy to clean.

Easy. Indestructible.

If you drive an E-Bike with carbon belt drive from Gates, its peace. And indeed, twice. On the one hand, the innovative drive offers a wonderful run and therefore a great driving comfort. At the same time, it is incredibly low-maintenance and performs its tasks with the utmost reliability. The carbon belt drive is installed on all NuVinci models.

Makes fresh gravel roads from gravel roads.

As bumpy as some paths in nature can also be cobblestone streets. The parallelogram spring seatpost and the sensitive suspension fork offer a comfort that makes you barely feel unevenness. Depending on the driver’s weight and the comfort of the car, it is possible to choose between three suspension yokes of the seatpost. The parallelogram spring seatpost is not installed in the New Charger mountain.

The fastest way to a standstill.

With all the technical improvements the bike has experienced over the last 100 years: strong, reliable brakes are still essential. That is why, depending on the model, we rely on hydraulic Shimano Deore, Deore XT or Magura MT-4 disc brakes, which guarantee maximum control in any situation and weather. With its large brake discs, the braking effect can be best measured. They do not create any wear on the rim and ensure a constant braking performance.

Riese & Mueller New Charger Lighting System

Makes night owls to clairvoyants.

Always drive with excellent road lighting with the E3 LED spotlights from Supernova or Busch & Muller IQ-X headlights on the HS models and the New Charger mountain. With its exceptionally high light intensity, only daylight is brighter. Operation is via the Bosch display, the power supply via the battery. The HS models have a permanent light.

Riese & Mueller New Charger Bottle Holder

No more holding without holding.

A drinking bottle on the e-bike without a single bottle holder. This is revolutionary. Two retaining heads are mounted to the right on the front cover plate, into which the Cageless drinking bottle is directly attached by Fabric. The optimum accessibility of a bottle during the journey is not easy to realize. Without a DualBattery option, a further, classic drinking bottle holder can be installed in the cream rim.

Riese & Mueller New Charger Abus Lock

ABUS Bordo Folding Lock.

One thing is certain: with the New Charger, you always have the ABUS Bordo folding lock. With the integrated luggage carrier holder it has its fixed place and is as standard with on board. So you only need one key for your e-bike. This is not only very practical, but also looks really good. At the New Charger mountain the castle is included with the optional luggage rack.

Riese & Muller uses a modern Just in Time inventory strategy. Every bike is built to order in their Germany factory.

We have worked with R&M and several logistics partners to offer our customers several ordering options.

Twice a month we receive a container from Riese & Muller shipped via Sea Freight. If preferred, you have the option of having your bike shipped individually to you, arriving to us one week after it is built, for $300.

If you’d like a bike shipped to your home it will have to go to our shop first for us to fully build and test the bike. Please select freight when checking out.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to contact us.