Riese & Muller Multicharger

From $5,579.00

The Multicharger. Ride all the time and take everything with you.

What are you taking today? The two little ones to the nursery? And tomorrow, groceries from a big shopping trip? During the weekend, all the camping equipment for a few days at the lake? Requiring this much cargo space sounds like you would need an E-Cargo bike – but the Riese & Muller Multicharger is a cargo-optimized E-Bike that can accomplish all of these needs. The optional GX model, along with its all-terrain off-road equipment, makes the Multicharger extremely versatile.

Its carefully designed cargo equipment options make it the ideal touring, family or transport E-Bike. And yet it is just as long as the Charger. This not only saves space but also makes the Multicharger safe and agile to handle – whether you ride a lot, carry a lot of cargo, or both.

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