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Looking for compact & folding electric bikes? Propel has you covered. Compact & folding electric bikes are great for storage and portability. Our customers often choose these models if they have limited space where they live, need to store their bike in their workplace during the day, or want to be able to easily fit it into a car or boat. Folding and compact bikes are also usually the best fit for shorter riders.

We carry many different types, most of which have a center drive motor since they perform best on city streets and urban places. Our bikes have motor systems from leading manufacturers including, Bosch, and Impulse. Most of them are limited to 20 mph.

We carry compact & folding electric bikes from Kalkhoff, Riese & Müller, and Tern. Come visit our store in Brooklyn or shop online. Or reach out if you’d like to learn more about our trail demo days.

Check out our Compact & Folding Electric Bikes Selection Below:

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  • Riese & Muller Tinker Touring HS
    Riese & Muller Tinker NuVinci

    Riese & Muller Tinker

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    The Tinker. An E-Bike of high caliber..

    The city is full of challenges to your nerves: commuter hold-ups on the streets, full buses and trains, sometimes heavy luggage and all this even before the sun comes up. But don’t panic. The solution has a name: Tinker. With this compact E-Bike featuring 20” wheels, you can effortlessly glide past all of this with a broad smile. Its frame is even so compact that it can easily be taken on public transport. At the same time, it can also be adapted with great flexibility to body heights from 4’9 m to 6’4″ m. The HS version offers even more riding pleasure with up to 28 mp/h of power. There’s never been a quicker way to get away from commuter stress.

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    Tern GSD S10

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    Tern GSD is the ultimate cargo E-bike. You can customize it whatever you want and it’s a folding cargo ebike. It’s only 6 feet long and can carry 400lbs.

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  • Tern Vektron
    Tern Vektron

    2018 Tern Vektron S10

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    The Tern Vektron takes everything great about folding bikes—multi-modal commuting, portability for travel and storage—and accelerates it. All around the world, the way we get from A to B is changing. With the world on the cusp of auto-mobility, ride sharing, and the mainstream arrival of electric vehicles, it’s an exciting moment for transportation. To help drive this force of change, we developed the world’s most compact Bosch-driven electric bike.

  • $3,000.00

    Haibike Radius Tour 2018

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    The Haibike Radius Tour 2018 is the most compact bike of the Haibike line. It features 20” wheels, a Yamaha PW motor system and all the accessories a commuter could want, allowing you to ride effortlessly and comfortably wherever you go.