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Riese & Muller Cruiser Mixte
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Riese & Muller Cruiser Mixte

The Cruiser mixte.
Fight the current with current.

We’re bringing what once used to be called strolling right up to date and putting it on the Cruiser Mixte. Now it doesn’t matter where to any more, just where. You read the landscape or the city like a book and throw stress to the four winds. Let the others chase lost time. With the Cruiser Mixte, you’ll find the moment and the day becomes timeless. Just like the design of the Cruiser Mixte: stylish color accents on the frame and grips, 28” tires, a shiny chrome chain guard and a low step-through. Only the Bosch Performance motor takes you into the future with every mph.

Model Selection


The heart.

With its tremendous driving force and pedal assistance of up to 250%, you can conquer any mountain and any terrain. Depending on the model, you will be assisted up to 20 mp/h by either the Bosch Active Cruise or the Performance Cruise motor with up to 275% pedal assistance.

If you like to pick up the pace, you should be tempted by an HS model featuring the Bosch Performance Speed motor and pedal assistance up to 275% at a speed of up to 28 mp/h. Even walking, your E-Bike helps out with its pushing aid.

The standard Intuvia Display can serve as a control center with a smartphone charging function. Ultra-modern Bosch lithium ion batteries with a 500 Wh energy reserve provide the power for whichever mountain you want to conquer.

Riding ahead of fashion, not following it.

With an E-Bike, you can get away from it all. Not even time can catch up with the Cruiser Mixte. Brown color accents and the handlebars, optionally turned downwards for sporty biking or comfortably mounted upwards, provide expression for its timeless elegance.

Turns gravel tracks into freshly asphalted roads.

Cobbles can be as difficult to negotiate as any route out in the wild. The suspension seatpost and sensitive suspension fork offer so much comfort that you’ll barely feel any bumps.

Stops thieves.

Park your Cruiser wherever you want. Only you can take it away. The frame lock clicks shut simultaneously with the battery lock, which means you only need one key for your E-Bike.

Riese & Muller Cruiser Mixte Busch & Muller Lighting

A bright future.

Always ride with excellent road illumination thanks to the LED headlamps from Busch & Muller. They are operated via the Bosch Display, while the energy is supplied via the battery.

Riese & Muller Cruiser Mixte Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The fastest route to a standstill.

The low-maintenance Magura HS22 hydraulic brakes and HS11 on the Cruiser nuvinci HS set the standard in terms of safety and reliability. With low rim wear and excellent braking properties, you’ll arrive safely at your destination.

Riese & Muller Cruiser Mixte Carrier

Load up, set off.

Baskets, panniers and child seats can be secured in record time to the carrier thanks to the “snapit” system from racktime. With just a click, your payload can be changed quicker than a pit stop. Accessories can be obtained from your dealer.

Riese & Muller Cruiser Mixte Model Selection



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