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BionX PL 350HT Rear Rack Medium Kit
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BionX PL 350HT Rear Rack Medium Kit


The BionX PL 350HT RR M electric bike kit is an affordable and powerful, entry-level BionX rear rack conversion kit. This kit is part of the Eco Series. The BionX PL 350HT RR M is a must for the urban commuter and recreational adventurer.

Bionx Wheel Size 20" 24" 26" 700C
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If you’re looking to give your ride a huge boost of power while still maintaining a low weight, the Bionx PL 350 High Torque Medium Battery class electric bike kit is the way to go. The BionX PL 350HT RR M electric bike kit is an affordable and powerful, entry-level BionX rear rack conversion kit. This kit is part of the Eco Series. The BionX PL 350HT RR M is a must for the urban commuter and recreational adventurer. With a range of up to 37 miles, the PL 350 RR M will easily tackle almost any city commute.

Motor- The BionX PL 350 electric bike kit comes standard with a regenerative 350W gearless direct drive rear hub motor. This powerful, high-torque motor is quiet and vibration free, creating a noticeably similar feel to riding a traditional non-electric bike.

Acceleration- The BionX PL 350 accelerates instantly. Ride up any hill with ease as the motor amplifies your pedal strokes while doing most of the work for you.

Torque- The BionX PL 350 has a sophisticated torque sensor and offers a peak torque of 40 Nm and a stable state torque of 9 Nm.

Battery- The battery on the PL 350 is a 37V 6.4Ah (237Wh) Lithium Ion battery. The battery charges in less than three hours and provides you with up to 37 miles of range. The BionX battery is safe, stable, light, extremely compact, and has a lifespan of approximately 1000 cycles.

Console- The BionX PL 350 electric bike kit is designed to be centrally mounted on your handlebars and comes equipped with an intelligent, multifunctional, and easy-to-read BionX control console. The central mount offers easy accessibility and optimal visibility. The BionX display is considered “the brains” of the e-bike system, giving you full control of your ride. It displays such functions as speed, assist level, battery life, trip distance, and more. With a bright LCD screen, you’ll be able to view your stats day or night, rain or shine. You can use the + and – buttons on the throttle to control the system’s four levels of electric assist and four levels of regen mode. The four levels of electric assist seamlessly work with you, offering a safe and natural-feeling ride. To change motor settings while riding, simply push the large, glove friendly keys on the handlebar control pad. This ensures safety and stability, while still allowing you to control the motor for optimal performance.

Drive Modes:

Pedal Assist- The PL 350 features four levels of pedal assist allowing you to accurately choose how much help you wish to receive from the motor.

Throttle- The BionX PL 350 features an extremely responsive throttle mode. As a safety feature, the throttle cannot be activated while the bike is standing still. By using your throttle only when needed (steep hills/ a boost), you can preserve your battery’s lifespan. Be smart with your throttle use, and you’ll get the most out of your battery!

Regenerative Braking- All BionX systems come with Regenerative Braking, so when you squeeze your bike‘s brake lever, energy is sent back to the Li-Ion batteries, helping them recharge. And if you are traveling down a steep hill and want some extra braking, or want a greater workout as you pedal, switch the BionX system into one of the four Generate Mode levels. You’ll feel resistance, and even more energy is returned to the battery pack.

Regen Mode- The PL 350 offers four levels of regen mode. This is great for trickle charging your battery, exercising by adding resistance to your ride, or descending.

Range- The BionX PL 350 has a range of up to 37 miles under optimal conditions. Range will always vary depending on use of drive mode, how much you pedal, the type of terrain, and the rider’s weight.

Top Speed- Like most electric bikes sold in the United States, the BionX PL 350 kit has a top speed of 20mph. There are ways to remove this speed limit for use on private roadways, however the jury is still out on how this will impact your Warranty. Until we get an official word from BionX, we’re going to err on the side of caution. Please contact us to learn about the concerns with making this modification.

Mount Location- The BionX PL 350 comes with a rear rack mountable battery pack with an illuminated rear light integrated directly into the battery. A rear rack mounted battery is ideal for a step-through frame or a recumbent, as a downtube mounted battery pack may not fit. The battery itself is easily installed and can be removed within seconds.

Wheel Compatibility- The BionX PL 350 has been designed to easily tackle most urban commutes, while providing amazing practicality. With this being said, it is available in several different tire sizes; 20 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, and 700c / 29 inch.

Warranty- BionX offers a solid two year warranty on the battery and motor.

Additional Information

Weight 20.5 lbs

350 watt high torque PL motor


Medium range lithium battery 37V-LiMn / 6, 4Ah




60 Km (37 mi) average range in assistance mode #1, in normal conditions*


Rear rack mounted battery with illuminated rear light

Assistance Levels

35, 75, 150, 300%


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