Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

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What they’re saying about us

  • My husband & I had been researching electric bikes for the past couple years but were somewhat frustrated that there was no place convenient for us to see and compare models. We had seen this site but were a bit put off by the fact we would have to make an appointment. Well, what a wonderful experience we had and I am so glad we called. Chris and Kyle spent so much time with us, discussing options, brands, what our needs would be but allowed us to draw our own conclusions. We never felt we were being pushed in any direction. We tried out a couple brands and decided on the BH Easy Motion. Chris discussed with us our needs for different tires, comfortable seats, panniers etc. After we brought our bikes home, we found we needed some adjustments. We called on our way back and the guys were there and ready to tune and tweak! We are spending some time on the North Fork/Shelter Island and are enjoying getting back into biking. Both of us are in our 60s and I had not been on a bicycle in about 15 years. A ten mile round trip to Horton’s Lighthouse was a PLEASURE with the E Motion !!!!!! The different speeds as well as several levels of pedal assist gave us the flexibility we needed for different terrains and traffic conditions.. My personal favorite is the full assist (no pedalling at all) that I used for a while on the way back……..NOT because I needed to but because I wanted to try it out. Going up the small hills on LI are effortless-no walking the bike for this lady. We plan to travel extensively in the future and our bikes will always be with us. We are VERY satisfied customers and are happy to recommend Propel Bikes. Thanks Chris and Kyle for everything.

    Constance S.Lynnbrook, NY
  • Propel bikes and Chris have been fantastic! I ordered a izip e3 Vibe with 6.4 lithium battery and am back in the saddle again…after a hiatus of around 25 yrs! I know with the PAS I will be able to build up leg strength and meanwhile still enjoy riding around the hills here as I do. If I am too tired to pedal home…I can switch to TAG and get a free ride. Love the bike and Chris was so helpful with me ordering online without ever having seen one (other than pictures) or test drive. Bike was already assembled and ready to go when it came to my door. How great is that?

    Linda S. Dunnellon, FL
  • I’ve been riding my bike to work for over 16 years in New York City. My company recently moved adding an additional 6 miles to my commute. I researched electric bikes to help with my commute and found that Propel Bikes, Chris and his brother Kyle were the most helpful. They answered all my questions and helped me select the best bike that would suits my needs. Chris, brought 3 bikes into the city for me to test ride. I purchased an E-Joe electric folding bike. I really love it! With the winter months at hand I was concerned with riding in the snow and rain. I sent an email Chris about my concerns and he recommended that I switch the tires to dirt bike tires and go with a puncher proof tube. Well, the next thing I knew, Kyle was at my apartment the following weekend changing my tires out. He showed me how to change a tire and brought me the tools to do so. He also changed my brake pads to Mountain pads for better braking power on a wet snowy days. I am so happy with my new bike and the service I received from Chris and Kyle, I would highly recommend Propel Bikes to anyone interested in purchasing an electric bike! l enjoy my commute to work and the E-Joe is so much fun to ride!!! Thank you, for all your help and assistants Chris and Kyle!

    Glenna M.New York, NY
  • I highly recommend Propel Bikes which is amazing because I live in the Midwest, a long way from Holbrook, New York. I am 64 years old and I have been riding an IZIp Zuma for 3 years. I ride my bike several times a week on our local trails for about 22 miles. My community is extending the bike trail around a lake that will add an additional 14 more beautiful miles. I started shopping for a bike with a battery that could handle the longer distance. I did a lot of research and made several calls. I called Propel Bikes and Chris answered the phone. He responded to all my questions despite the fact that I lived in the Midwest. I never felt any pressure to purchase a particular bike or to make purchase from Chris. After a great deal of research it was clear that Chris offered the best deal. Chris shipped the bike to me at an excellent price and it arrived at my door in less than a week. My new bike arrived in perfect condition and it easily handles the 36 mile trip. Chris thanks for all your help!

    Carey V.Topeka, KS
  • Recently, this Desert Dog (from Phoenix) decided it was time to make cycling fun again, so I started looking at recumbent bikes. Once I found the bike that best fit me (an EZ Sport AX), I found the best pricing, cooperation and willingness to make things work for me in New York, of all places, with Chris Nolte and Propel Bikes. Not only was Chris professional and friendly, he made sure I was informed every step of the way. When Chris and brother Kyle received my bike, they found some minor paint scratches that they were able to touch up for me, but they did not stop there, they took that extra step of informing the manufacturer and got a rebate for me, saving me even more money! What a great experience and I am having more fun riding (240 miles in 21 days) than I have for a long time (I ride and commute over 3,500 miles a year)! I’ve never been to the Great State of New York, when I do go, my first stop will be at Propel Bikes!

    Larry D. Phoenix, AZ