Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

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What they’re saying about us

  • I need to share this account of having made a purchase from Long Island Electric Bikes. Because it should benefit anyone confused about where they should purchase from/invest their trust in. I moved to a place far enough away from work that commuting on a conventional bike in the winds of winter wasn’t really feasible. I decided an electric bike might be the answer. And was promptly astounded by the prices (I’m just a shopping cart guy for a big department store earning minimum wage!) and the very many dealers that sell them to choose from. I emailed and phoned many, but when I finally discovered and contacted L.I. Electric Bikes, I at once found myself on the phone with some fellow who was really listening to what my needs, uncertainties, and situation really was. (more…)

    David W. Uniondale, NY
  • Thank you for the great service. Kyle was very help full and answered all my questions. My bike was shipped the same day and came in a day early. Not a scratch and easy assembly. Everyone in family tried it and expressed the same reaction, WOW. I will refer your great company business anytime I can. I am very impressed with this bike. I have been a long time rider and will turn 65 soon. I am also a Vietnam Vet and wish you all good luck. Hope to put many thousands of miles on this beauty. Thanks again.

    Mark K.
  • My husband and I have just had a very nice experience with Propel Bikes. When we got there ….Chris had all the bikes we talked about in a row ready for us to try. About six different kinds. We are turning 50 this year and here in Pennsylvania we have a lot of very nice rail trails, (Converted train track beds now used as bike tails. ). We were using regular bikes, but found we wanted to go father. We treated ourselves to electric bikes for our birthdays. We researched a lot and called several places, but NO ONE was as nice and helpful to us as Chris…. Very good customer service. Great on the phone, and quick to reply to emails… Nothing is too much trouble for Chris and his helpers. We were at his bike shop one Saturday for four hours and he was soo very patience and kind to us… I just love him…. He adjusted the seat for me, the handle bars and bunch of other stuff to make me happy and comfortable. Chris ordered some special parts for our new bikes, really customized them. He even meet us half way in New Jersey to pick-up the bikes. All the way home we couldn’t stop talking about what a nice guy he is… We love our new bikes. Please give Propel Bikes a try, you won’t be sorry you did. I would go there again….. Robin and John….

    Robin KPennsylvania
  • I bought my Neo Volt folding bike from Propel Bikes as their price was unbeatable. They shipped it for free to the West Coast and I’ve been riding the bike almost daily the past 2 weeks. I’ve had a folder before and an electric full size (iZip). This combines the two and IMHO blows them both out the water. I love the pull away from standstill. I beat cars every time and it means I am visible from the get-go, which is safer. It also has plenty of pep to go up hills. I usually have it in pedal assist mode at the standard level and it’s plenty of power. Enough to feel like I’m getting some exercise, but still letting me arrive without much of a sweat. On the return journey I sometimes up it to the higher assist for the final stretch. WEIGHT: This bike is heavier than non-electric folders obviously. But I found this to be an advantage – as it feels way more stable on the road than my other folder, due to the weight. That’s comforting when you’re riding on LA’s roads with LA’s drivers! And you don’t feel it’s a hindrance when you’ve got the motor assisting you (which is very quiet by the way) Also, the removable battery means I can leave the bike downstairs and just bring the battery up to charge. I got nearly 40 miles on half the battery. I feel almost guilty I charged it for the first time last night. FOLDING: Not the most compact fold, as other reviews will tell you. But – plenty small for a trunk, which was my requirement. You squeeze large “buttons” either side of the bike while lifting on the seat stem, and you’ll get lock position #1 (for wheeling on subways, into offices, etc). A further squeeze and you can fold down the handlebars, drop/remove the seat post and remove the front wheel for trunks. A larger trunk and you could probably leave the wheel on. SERVICE: I didn’t get the bungee cables which go on the luggage rack. I called Propel Bikes and they immediately sent them out and I had a tracking number within the hour. Fantastic. I had a question for Emotion USA and emailed them – they replied within the hour. Great bike, great company. Thank you. Highly recommended!

  • Ordered my bike online,delivered to Ohio on December 2013 .great bike ,well built.put 200 miles on bike so far,love it..great customer service had a couple questions so I called ,no recordings or promos,the owner answered the phone and my questions,great guy new my bike inside and out,I’m hard to satisfy and was very nervous about buying the bike online,worked out great for me.your loyal customer for life.

    Tom P. Akron, OH
  • Let me start by saying This place is amazing. It Has the best customer service you can imagine. When i first went to the store even with Chris not there i was treated with best and greatest service. Chris spent numerous times answering emails and messages from me. He felt bad that he was not there when i first came and spent an hour on the phone with me answering any questions I had on the bicycle i was interested in. This is by no means a regular store. What i mean by that, is that yes of course it is a business and they need to make some money but i never felt i was talked into needing anything I didnt want or had a use for. Also what is different about this store, is that it is not a typical store front. You need to call or email and make an appointment. Some people may feel turned off by that but let me explain. In my situation and experience i think it is actually a better set up that you make an appointment. Why ? Well, as I stated earlier, and keep repeating, this company, and Chris go far beyond in customer service what any other place does, trust me. (more…)

    Howard Z. Nassau, NY