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Stafast Adjustable Bike Stem

Stafast Adjustable Bike Stem


Stafast’s adjustable bike stem allows you to operate closer to your maximum potential than other equipment.

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Stafast’s adjustable bike stem allows you to operate closer to your maximum potential than other equipment. By both providing cyclists with better control in an ever-changing riding environment and reducing fatigue, more rider inputs are created, allowing bikes to be in constant contact with their riding surfaces.

Achieving the proper stem fit centers around the ability to adjust your bike to match the terrain conditions. The bar height that’s best for long distance rides isn’t as well-suited for training, just as the settings for an intense race are different than those of a pure comfort ride. Stafast is manufactured with 25 degrees of angular adjustment, providing cyclists with a large range of handlebar height adjustment out of the same stem without changing the compressive ability that allows for better control.

Stafast’s bike stem also lets you adjust or change air pressure to optimize your ride. This ability lets cyclists modify pressure for different riding conditions or objectives, making the transition from boulders to washboards much smoother. Even for road riding, tailoring pressures for different hand positions on your bars can provide you with a more customized riding experience.

Road biking has changed over the years as racing technology has filtered down to the recreational rider. This shift has resulted in lighter, stiffer frames, better wheel sets, tires, bearings, hardware, brakes and shifters. Frame geometry has also evolved, positioning the rider to reduce aerodynamic drag. In order to support this trend, all industry suppliers are focused on achieving speed through lightweight low friction design, leading to very narrow tires with very high air pressures. This results in an uncomfortable riding position with a high seat and low handlebars, a setup that translates lots of road vibrations directly to the rider. Stafast’s road bike stem is specially tuned to dampen these vibrations to the rider’s arms, providing them with greater control.

Stafast Road Bike

Cyclo-cross, or gravel road racing, is a riding style that’s growing in popularity. The bikes used for cyclo-cross activities have their own requirements that are unique to those of road and mountain cycles. Cyclo-cross’s combination of off-road biking and pavement cycling calls for support that overlaps with the requirements of both road and mountain biking while introducing elements found in neither, such as obstacle navigation.

Stafast’s racing bike stem has the ability to be customized for maximum comfort and control truly shines when applied to cyclo-cross riding. Stafast’s adjustment options provide a huge advantage in the varied world of cyclo-cross. The sheer diversity of terrain found in any cyclo-cross course is the perfect opportunity to put Stafast’s adjustable stem to the test, allowing riders to experience how well the component’s superior engineering operates over many different surfaces and situations.

Stafast Crossbike Bike

Stafast was originally developed for road biking use, but the applications for mountain biking quickly became apparent. Many mountain biking enthusiasts remove their suspension systems, and are badly beaten up as a result. A modified version of Stafast was created for off-road riding to combat the impact of rough terrain. The Stafast mountain bike stem component created for mountain cycling incorporates a shorter stem, as the amount of pressure required for a mountain bike’s system is less than what is needed for a road cycle.

The uneven surfaces and rough terrain of off-road biking encourage riders to cut down on additional weight to prevent drag, leading to more control but also greater discomfort. The shorter Stafast mountain bike stem length, engineered for the requirements of mountain biking, allows riders to get rid of extra resistance without sacrificing comfort. Stafast also takes into account the weight savings gained from converting from standard front suspension to rigid forks, and helps riders who have already converted to rigid forks.

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