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Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or

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Kalkhoff Agattu b8 2017
Kalkhoff Agattu b8 Standard Frame Electric BikeKalkhoff Agattu b8 Standard Frame Electric Bike

Kalkhoff Agattu b8 2017


The Kalkhoff Agattue-bike has been setting the big-seller benchmark for a number of years now. Reliable ride characteristics, practical features, smart innovations and simple handling all lay the foundations for an astonishingly huge fan base that’s still growing.

Frame Style Low Step Standard
Size L (55cm) M (50cm) S (45cm) XL (60cm)
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Kalkhoff Agattu b8 2017 features bosch Performance Line motor with Bosch Intuvia display with USB port. It comes with  large 500 Wh battery, range up to 75 miles it may vary with different conditions.

Brakes: The Kalkhoff Agattu b8 comes equipped with Magura HS11 hydraulic rim brake. In addition to providing very dependable stopping power, these brakes are low-maintenance, and easy to control. The ideal weight distribution of the Bosch center motor makes the bike particularly easy to ride. No matter how hard you ride stopping should be no concern.

Frame: The Bosch V2, alloy frame has a unique and stylish frame design. The Bosch V2, alloy battery and motor are centrally mounted and carefully integrated into the frame. The center mounted battery makes for great center of gravity and a well balanced distribution of the riders weight.

Top Speed: Like most electric bikes sold in the US, the Kalkhoff Agattu b8 has a top speed of 20 mph in keeping with federal law.

Warranty: Kalkhoff tried and tested quality products are “Made in Germany”. Kalkhoff offer a 10-year comprehensive warranty program for frames of e-bike and s-pedelec models from 2014 onwards. To activate your 10-year frame warranty, you must register your model, within 8 (eight) weeks of the date of purchase.

Accessories: The Kalkhoff Agattu b8 comes with AXA front lights, Trelock LS rear light, a fender, a chain case, a tour rack and a kickstand. Our team has a lot of experience outfitting bikes with additional accessories, so be sure to reach out to us if there’s anything you may need.

Key Features of Kalkhoff Agattu b8

– Bosch Performance Line motor

– Intuvia display with USB port

– 75 miles of range with large 500 Wh battery

– Magura HS11 hydraulic rim brake

Motor: While many ebikes utilize a hub-mounted motor located in the rear wheel, Kalkhoff ebikes feature the revolutionary mid-mount Bosch eDrive System, which positions the motor at the lowest point along the center of the frame. This gives Kalkhoff Electric ebikes more even weight distribution, which ensures better handling and more stability.

The Bosch eDrive System is maintenance-free and produces very little noise and vibration compared to many other electric-assist motors. Plus, with the battery mounted along the downtube, it’s easily accessible for recharging, and is also simple to detach.

Battery: Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance, 36 V, 13,4 Ah/500Wh – The most powerful PowerPack available from Bosch. Ultra-modern Bosch lithium ion batteries with 500 Wh energy reserve provide the power for our E-Bikes. The more Watt hours the battery has, the wider its range. This also depends on numerous other factors, such as the pedal assistance level set, the pace, the outside temperature or the inclination of the route. The range computer on the display provides more detailed information. When it’s stop-and-go in the city, the range is shorter than with a constant journey over a longer distance – comparable with the fuel consumption of a car. If you find while you’re on a ride that your battery’s residual power is not going to be enough to complete your journey, you can reduce the degree of assistance and therefore still reach your destination comfortably.

The lifespan is 800 – 1,000 charging cycles. Thanks to the short charging times, the battery can be significantly topped up during a lunch break, for example. A complete charge takes just 4.5 hours.

Display: The variable mode Bosch Intuvia LCD display has two main functions; to allow the rider to control drive parameters, and to display system information, including distance, time and speed. The control pad allows you to access all the computer and drive functions remotely, leaving your hands on the bar to maintain safety and security. To change motor settings while riding, simply push the large, glove friendly keys on the handlebar control pad. This ensures safety and stability, while still allowing you to control the motor for optimal performance.

Functions at a Glance:

  • – Five user-selectable power modes to choose from (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo & OFF)
  • – Speed: Current, average, and top
  • – Trip distance and total
  • – Clock and riding timer
  • – Current motor performance
  • – Remaining Range based on current use
  • – Off-Board Use: All functions can still be accessed even when the control panel is removed
  • – USB port to connect to your GPS, phone or MP3-Player
  • – Motor Assistance of up to 4mph when guiding the bike on foot- WALK MODE
  • – High precision distance measurement, even after a wheel change

Additional information


BOSCH V2, alloy


SR Suntour CR-8V, preload adjust


Bosch Performance Line, 36 V / 250 W


Bosch Li-Ion 36 V / 13.4 Ah (500 Wh)


Bosch Intuvia LCD, with control panel and walk assist


Shimano Nexus, 8-speed


Shimano Nexus






front: 18, rear: 22


Concept Comfort, Concept Lady Town


alloy, adjustable


Selle Bassano Feel GT


Magura HS11, hydraulic rim brake


Magura HS11


front: Shimano HB-TX800, QR, rear: Shimano Nexus, 8 speed




Schwalbe Marathon, 40-622


plastic, with edge protector


Tour, alloy


Hesling Cortez


AXA Echo15, LED


Trelock LS 611, LED


Comfort, with anti slip protection and reflector


rear stand, alloy


56 lb


50 miles

Kalkhoff Agattu b8 Frame Geometry

Below sizes are recommended as a good starting point when thinking about sizing. Please contact us for recommendations based on your specific needs.
Kalkhoff Frame Geometry Standard and Low Step
Standard  Low Step
 Size M L XL  S M  L
Wheel Size 28″ 28″ 28″ 28″ 28″ 28″
A Seat tube length 500mm 550mm 600mm 450mm 500mm 550mm
B Top Tube 580mm 595mm 610mm 600mm 615mm 630mm
C Head Tube Angle 71.5° 71.5° 71.5° 71.5° 71.5° 71.5°
D Seat Tube Angle 73.5° 73° 72.5° 72.5° 72.5° 72.5°
E Chainstay Length 485mm 485mm 485mm 485mm 485mm 485mm
F BB Drop 60mm 55mm 55mm 60mm 60mm 60mm
G Head Tube 135mm 170mm 220mm 185mm 195mm 195mm
H Fork Length 460mm 460mm 460mm 460mm 460mm 460mm
I Fork Rake 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm
J Wheel Base 1107mm 1120mm 1129mm 1133mm 1149mm 1163mm
K Stack 619mm 652mm 699mm 662mm 671mm 671mm
L Reach 385mm 389mm 389mm 391mm 403mm 418mm
Standover height 828mm 867mm 916mm 455mm 455mm 455mm
Handlebar width 640mm 640mm 640mm 640mm 640mm 640mm
Stem length 85mm 105mm 105mm 85mm 85mm 105mm
Crank arm length 170mm 170mm 170mm 170mm 170mm 170mm