Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

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Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 8.0 2017
Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 8.0 2017Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 8.0 2017

Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 8.0 2017

$5,799.00 $4,599.99

This series certainly represents the spearhead in terms of driving pleasure and breadth of application: For the first time the Haibike Dwnhlls are combining the characteristics of downhill bikes with the possibility of also steep uphills not only to cope, but to make it an experience.

$5,799.00 $4,599.99
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Skidplate: Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 8.0 is Made of impact-resistant plastic, the lightweight device provides effective protection against scratches or damage to the engines.

GravityCasting Interface: The heart of the Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 8.0 aluminum frame: light, highly stable and costly manufactured with a special casting technology in motorcycle sports.

StepIn Battery-Integration: The unique integration approach for Bosch battery, exclusive of Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 8.0. Technically accurate and visually compelling.

Integrated Motor concept: With this, we have developed concept, we achieve a technically and visually perfect integration of the engine into the frame.

Sprocket: A specially developed by us for XDURO class component for a perfect, wear-optimized power transmission from the engine to the chain.

eLight-System: The first specially developed for sportive eBike lighting system that fits perfectly into the overall picture visually. Luminous Stark and retrofitted on all XDUROs.

Bosch Performance CX drive: The extremely strong high-tech 250 watt drive from the leader Bosch. Especially for sports 20 mp/h eBikes performance optimized.

Bosch Purion Display: Small, compact and thus well protected: the new Bosch Purion. Despite the small size of the remote display provides all the important features and information.

Top Speed: Like most electric bikes sold in the US, the Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 8.0 2017 has a top speed of 20 mph in keeping with federal law. There are ways to remove this speed limit for use on private roadways, however the jury is still out on how this will impact your Warranty. Until we get an official word from Haibike, we’re going to err on the side of caution. Please contact us to learn about the concerns with making this modification.

StepIn Battery-Integration: Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 8.0 Downtube battery the developers have always face difficult challenges, as a large volume has to be integrated in a comparatively filigree frame. That one it can still provide a technically and visually compelling solution that Haibike StepIn showing concept.

Integrated Visually and technically convincing

To reduce the visual “weight”, we sink the Bosch battery slightly in the down tube. Through a combination of hydroformed tubes and special castings we bind the battery optically into the frame and can avoid the conventional, tight-tolerance welding of the attachment points. In addition, to reduce the distance between the motor and battery to 11mm succeeded.

Integrated Motor concept: The engine of Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 8.0 is the technological core of the optical and essential defining characteristic of e-bikes. Thanks to Gravity Casting interfaces we can rebuild the engine as short as possible and without any separate mounting plates. We reduce the space to a minimum and reduce the visual volume of the engine to a fraction. The Skidplate is useful as a protective device not only from a technical perspective, it also encompasses optical engine. So this is visually part of the frame. The result is a technically perfect tailed motor which, as its standard solution, a non-autogenous part is not, but is a self-evident center of ePerformance bikes.

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6061, hydroformed, Gravity Casting Interface, through axle M12 (1.75) x 157mm, disc brake Postmount, Travel: 200mm


Bosch Purion


Bosch PowerPack, 500 Wh


Bosch quick charger 4A

Front Suspension

RockShox BoXXer RC 27.5 "steel spring, spring travel: 200mm, aluminum shaft 1 1/8" thru-axle

Rear Suspension

RockShox Vivid Air R2C, Luft, 70mm

Rear Derailleur

ZEE M640, 10-Sp, Shimano

Gear Level

Shimano Zee M640, Rapidfire

Sprocket (Rear)

Shimano HG50, 11-36 teeth


KMC X10e


Haibike CNC Sprocket steel, 16


Magura MT5 HC-lever, aluminum

Brake (Front)

Magura MT5, Aluminium

Rear Brake

Magura MT5, Aluminium


Schwalbe Magic Mary Super Gravity VSC, 60-584


Alexrims Supra BH, Aluminium

Front Hub

XLC Evo Disc, floating axle 20×110 Downhill

Rear Hub

XLC Evo Disc, floating axle 12×157, Downhill




Haibike Components TheBar +++ Gravity 35 780mm


XLC screw handles Sport


Haibike Components TheStem +++ Gravity, A-Head, Bar bore: 35mm, 0˚


A-Head Alloy Tapered


Xduro Light MTB


Haibike Components The Seatpost +++, Patent, 31.6mm


XLC freeride platform pedal


51.1 lbs.

Wheel size



Bosch Performance CX, 250W, 75Nm, 20mp/h

Below sizes are recommended as a good starting point when thinking about sizing. Please contact us for recommendations based on your specific needs.


Frame size S M L XL
A FRAME HEIGHT 42 cm 43 cm 44 cm 45 cm
B SEAT TUBE ANGLE 73 ° 73 ° 73 ° 73 °
D SEAT ANGLE 73 ° 73 ° 73 ° 73 °
E HEAD TUBE LENGTH 115 mm 120 mm 125 mm 130 mm
F HEAD TUBE ANGLE 63.5 ° 63.5 ° 63.5 ° 63.5 °
G TOP TUBE LENGTH (HORIZONTAL) 565 mm 590 mm 615 mm 640 mm
H CHAINSTAY LENGTH 470 mm 470 mm 470 mm 470 mm
I BB DROP 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm 0 mm
J WHEEL BASE 1211 mm 1237 mm 1262 mm 1288 mm
K STACK 610 mm 614 mm 618 mm 623 mm
L REACH 379 mm 402 mm 426 mm 450 mm