A Swiss success story with a grassroots history, It was founded by Thomas Binggeli in 2009. The Stromer brand differentiates itself with in-house technology and innovation, exceptional quality, Swiss heritage, and its premium positioning. It’s true: the Swiss don’t build cars. But at Stromer, they build something better, electric bikes. The electric bikes from Strommer offer incomparable range, power, and versatility, and are not only eco-friendly but stylish and chic as well. Experience the new standard for urban mobility.

We carry a lot of Stromer’s signature bikes to ST1 X, ST3, ST3 LE (Launch Edition), to their high-end bike the ST5. Come visit our store in Brooklyn, New York, Long Beach, California or shop online. Or contact us if you have any question.

Check out our Stromer Electric Bikes Selection Below:

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