Easy Motion electric bikes are some of the best selling electric bikes out today. With locations all over the world and their main headquarters in Spain, Easy Motion, a subsidiary of BH Bikes, is an international e-bike brand that focuses on electric bikes. Easy Motion has been setting the industry standard for transportation innovations for a century. Since their introduction in the United States, Propel (formerly known as Long Island Electric Bikes) has been offering Easy Motion electric bikes and it has grown to be one of our flagship brands.

We carry different types of Easy Motion electric bikes from Urban eBikes, e-Mountain bikes, Road eBikes, Fat eBikes, Folding eBikes and many more. most of which have a top speed of 20mph, but keeping with growing Class 3 definition of electric bikes or speed pedelecs, we also carry eBikes with a top speed of up to 28mph, but we generally recommend against these. They are usually unsafe and there are many limits to where they can be ridden.

Come visit our stores at 134 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205 / 100 W. Broadway #110, Long Beach, CA 90802

Please give us a call at 718-643-4542 (Brooklyn, NY)/562-294-5353(Long Beach, CA) or send us an email:hello@propelbikes.com.

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