Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

Questions? Want to test ride? 718.643.4542 or [email protected]

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Moustache Samedi 27-9 X2 E-Tandem 2017
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Moustache Samedi 27-9 X2 E-Tandem 2017


The Moustache Samedi 27-9 X2 E-Tandem 2017 is a Tandem bike. It features a Bosch Mid-drive motor, unique Moustache alloy crankset, adjustable stem, Suntour NCX seat post for maximum comfort, and many more!



The Moustache Samedi 27-9 X2 E-Tandem 2017 aka Saturday 27-9 X2 E-Tandem 2017  is a Tandem bike, it has many possibilities; when the two riders do not have the same fitness level, riding with your children, with a trailer, or to get more range. We know for use that it will excel on flats!

Frame: The Moustache Samedi 27-9 X2 E-Tandem 2017 features a hydroformed 6061 T4 T6 Alloy frame. It has a high strength to weight ratio and is highly resistant to corrosion. Also features a cable inlet system giving the bike an elegant solution for routing the wires and cables.

Brakes: The Moustache Samedi 27-9 X2 E-Tandem 2017 is equipped with Magura MT5 4 pistons hydraulic disc brake and it has 200 mm front and rear rotor. It provides very reliable stopping power, these brakes are low-maintenance, and easy to control.

Display: The Moustache Samedi 27-9 X2 E-Tandem 2017 comes with Bosch Intuvia central with separate control unit has 5 modes, walk assist, USB port to recharge your phone,and many more cool features.

Drivetrain: The Moustache Samedi 27-9 X2 E-Tandem 2017 features SRAM NX 11-speed, it has super wide capacity of 14 x 11/42. More range!

Tires: This bike comes with MAXXIS REKON 27.5 x 2.8, it has Exo protection, Dual density and Tubeless ready.

Top Speed: Like most electric bikes sold in the US, the Moustache Samedi 27-9 X2 E-Tandem 2017 has a top speed of 20 mph in keeping with federal law. There are ways to remove this speed limit for use on private roadways, however the jury is still out on how this will impact your Warranty. Until we get an official word from Moustache, we’re going to err on the side of caution. Please contact us to learn about the concerns with making this modification.

Warranty: Moustache supplies you a five-year warranty for the frame and two-year warranty for fork, motor and battery (or 500 cycles) and accessories.

Accessories: This bike has a touring option: Schwalbe SuperMoto X Tires 27.5 x 2.35, carrier and mudguards. Our team has a lot of experience outfitting bikes with additional accessories, so be sure to reach out to us if there’s anything you may need.

Motor:  The enormous push from this powerful drive of 40% up to 300% pedal assistance allows you to cover large distances and inclines with true sporting flair. It masters any terrain and any pace – from moderate to fast – with aplomb. The models with derailleur gear have gear shift detection technology which reduces and increases the torque at precisely the right moment. This produces a silky-smooth shifting process, reduces stress on components and therefore reduces wear. The minimum torque is 40Nm up to 75 Nm and sensitive response, thanks to 1,000 sensor measurement per second.

Battery: Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance, 36 V, 13,4 Ah/500Wh: Total: 1000wh – The most powerful PowerPack available from Bosch. You can charge anywhere you want with the detachable battery feature, Full charge is 4.5 hours, 50% in 2 hours and it only weigh 2.5kg. With 2 batteries, 60 to 120 km with varied used, depending on mode chosen, wind gradient, etc.

Display: The Bosch Intuvia central with separate control unit has 5 modes, walk assist, USB port to recharge your phone,and many more cool features. The control pad allows you to access all the computer and drive functions remotely, leaving your hands on the bar to maintain safety and security. To change motor settings while riding, simply push the large, glove friendly keys on the handlebar control pad. This ensures safety and stability, while still allowing you to control the motor for optimal performance.

Functions at a Glance:

  •  – Five user-selectable power modes to choose from (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo & OFF)
  •  – Speed: Current, average, and top
  •  – Trip distance and total
  •  – Clock and riding timer
  •  – Current motor performance
  •  – Remaining Range based on current use
  •  – Off-Board Use: All functions can still be accessed even when the control panel is removed
  •  – USB port to connect to your GPS, phone or MP3-Player
  •  – Motor Assistance of up to 4mph when guiding the bike on foot- WALK MODE
  •  – High precision distance measurement, even after a wheel change

Additional Information


6061 T4 T6 alloy – Extruded variable thichness hydroformed tube – Rear motor – Tapered head tube 27.5 Plus – Boost


Rock Shox Yari RC 14mm – Motion Control – Solo Air – 27.5 Plus – 15mm boost


BOSCH Performance CX 250W – 40/75 Nm – Assistance of 40 to 300% – 20 mp / h – 1000 measurements / s – Powerful – Compact


Integrated BOSCH Li iOn PowerPack 500 – 36v 13,8Ah – 500 Wh – Full Charge of 4.5 hours, 50% in 2 hours – 2,5 kg – 60% of minimum residual capacity after 30 000 km – Total: 1000Wh


With 2 batteries, 60 to 120 km with varied used, depending on mode chosen, wind gradient, etc.


BOSCH Intuvia Central with separate control unit – 5 modes (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo, Off) – “Walk Assist” – Info available offline – USB port for charging MP3 players, phones, etc.


Sram NX 11 speed, super wide capacity 14×11/42, bigger range!


Sram NX 11S


Moustache forged alloy cranks specific for e-Tandem, Front: 175mm, Rear: 170mm, synchonized – 14T motor cog (=35) – Timing chainrings narrow/wide 36T


Magura MT5 4 pistons hydraulic disc brakes, 200/200 diameter rotor


Alloy CNC with industrial bearings – Boost – Front 15x110mm – Rear 12x148mm


Exclusives Moustache 27.5″ -35mm – Asymmetric – Double wall alloy – Welded – Compatible with tubeless (with flap) – 32 holes


MAXXIS REKON 27.5×2.8 – Tubeless Ready – Dual density – exo protection


Velo Ergonomic Saddle


Front: alloy 31.6×350 – Rear: Suntour NCX – Super comfortable alloy suspension parallelogram 27.2 x 350 + 31.6/27.2 mm – post shim converter


Front: Alloy 760mm – Rize 25mm – Stem 55mm – Rear: Alloy 680 mm – Rize 25 mm – Adjustable stem 155/200


Alloy, wide plateform


65.9 lbs.

As the new 2017 electric bikes roll in, it is our job to ensure that our customers have the very first opportunity available to pre-order their electric bike. Pre-ordering with Propel is made simple. In order to be among the first to get your hands on your 2017 electric bike, a small deposit of $250 is required. For the most up-to-date availability information or to pre-order, please contact [email protected] or give us a call at 718-643-4542.

This electric bike is expected to be available for shipment as early as January of 2017.

Moustache Tandem Electric Bike Sizing

Below sizes are recommended as a good starting point when thinking about sizing. Please contact us for recommendations based on your specific needs.

Moustache Tandem electric bike Sizing

Rear Front
Size Guide 5’6″ – 6’4″ 4’9″ – 6’1″
Size 42cm 51cm
Top Tube – TT 73.7cm 59cm
Bases – RC 47cm
Steering Bushings – HT 11cm
Wheelbase – WB 185cm 185cm
Fork Length – FL 55.3cm
Height Box – BB 31cm 32.5cm
Seat Angle – SA 72° 72°
Steering Angle – HA 70.5°
Reach 39.4cm
Stack 64.2cm


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